Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 11.1


Contrary to what her family thought, Cami did not spend every dime they gave her on clothes and partying. Yes, she did buy a brand new wardrobe, but those clothes, shoes, and matching accessories were considered investments in her future prosperity.

Cami needed those man-catcher outfits in order to snag a rich guy since she was determined to work only if she absolutely had to. Fortunately, the parties she attended didn’t cost her a thing. They were all thrown by people with money. Plenty of money. And from all walks of life.

At those parties, Cami went out of her way to impress the men there with her sexy new body and her equally sexy new wardrobe. Unfortunately for her, though her looks attracted many a rich man, her materialistic conversation soon repelled them.

To appear to be less of a gold-digger than she actually was, Cami used the rest of her seed money to buy a nice car and rent a nice place to stay. She wanted the men that she snagged to think that she had money of her own, thereby relaxing them enough for her to then seduce them out of theirs.

The car was relatively easy to get. Though it was a BMW, it was previously owned and so Cami had enough cash to buy the blue vehicle outright from a used car lot, forgoing any background credit checks.

Finding a nice place to stay proved to be harder to come by for Cami. Having a felony on her record, she quickly realized that most apartment complexes simply did not cater to ex-cons. The insurance companies of those dwellings came with strict regulations. Renting to felons was one of them.

Frustrated by her apartment search, Cami went down to the front desk of the luxury hotel she currently resided in and arranged for a weekly rate. That was all fine and well at first. But as May quickly turned into June, Cami eventually had to start thinking about employment.

Her funds were running too low. The price of gasoline, food, and lodging were running too high. On top of all that, Cami still hadn’t snagged a rich man yet. And every time she asked around about Millsap, she was told that he was out of town on business. In fact, she was told that again just today when she went to the club looking for him.

I got to do something. Maybe even trade this car in for a cheaper one, Cami thought, leaving the hotel for yet another dreaded trip to the grocery store.

There was no more eating out for her. That ended just last week. Now Cami only ate out when she had a date. And even those were becoming few and far between since she wasn’t putting out so easily these days.

Had Cami suddenly developed higher morals?

Not really. It was more like she didn’t want to ruin her chances with Millsap by being too promiscuous around Enfield. Besides, Cami had had enough sex in Washington to make up for the five years she spent in prison plus five more years in the future.

My body needs a rest anyway, she thought, planning to give it one while she continued to wait on her chance with Millsap.

An added incentive to wait for the man she really wanted revolved around the disappointment Cami recently encountered with the only man she had slept with since coming back to Enfield. That man’s name was Kobe Thurman.

Kobe owned a chain of car washes in the area. He’d detailed Cami’s car for free for weeks before she finally agreed to go out with him.

Although she enjoyed all the attention, the fancy restaurants and shows he’d taken her to, and the extra cash in her purse, she had not enjoyed having sex with Kobe. He’d been lousy as a lover…and unfortunately, too prideful to be teachable.

The man couldn’t even kiss right, Cami mused, recalling how Kobe’s idea of a kiss involved him quickly darting the tip of his tongue in and out of her mouth as if he was stealing tastes of her.

Yuck! Cami frowned at even the memory of Kobe’s amateur kisses. She was partial to deep kisses like the kind that she received from Bonz and even E-Blade. The fact that Kobe refused to even let her teach him how to kiss slower and deeper caused her to cross him off her list, despite his sizable bank account.

Cami might be a gold-digger, but she was one that enjoyed sex just as much as she did money. Having learned from Delia’s experiences with E-Blade, she was not about to subject herself to a sexually frustrating relationship. No amount of financial security was worth that kind of prison.

Cami had spent enough time locked up. It was time to be free in every way. Which explains why she took her car to a different car wash now and never answered Kobe’s calls to her cell phone.

On the way to the store, it started to pour down rain, completely matching the depressing mood of the blue BMW owner. Cami turned on the windshield wipers just in time to see a drenched woman changing a flat tire in a church parking lot.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say that was Dee, Cami mused, deeming the white Mercedes and the kneeling female beside it very familiar.

Nah, that can’t be Dee. My cousin is somewhere safe and dry in her fancy Florida home, she thought, not realizing that that was indeed her cousin in the church parking lot. That Delia was going through her own personal crisis at the moment.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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Suprina said...

Giveaway question: What crisis was Delia going through at the time that Cami saw her in the church parking lot? Why did this crisis even exist in the first place?


Suprina said...

Btw, that part about the ex-cons having housing issues is so true. I researched that topic out and discovered why so many ex-cons (and not just those involving statutory rape crimes either) live in hotels and motels. It's because they don't have anywhere else to go when they get out. No one wants them around, not even relatives.

Sadly, I have been one of those relatives when it comes to giving certain ex-cons in my family a place in my home. Cami's story caused me to look at things differently now.

Even though some of my relatives will NEVER stay with me, because they simply don't want to change, I'm now a little more open to giving the ones that do want to change a chance.

Okay, off my soapbox now. lol.


Paula said...

Delia had a flat tire when Cami saw her on the side of the road. The crisis exist because she was after Royal. He caught her and E-blade/Nueve making out in their home. He beat him to the pulp. LOL

Suprina said...

Paula: Your diligence paid off, girl. You just won yourself another freebie. Yay!

You know the drill. I'll be awaiting your email.


PS. Is Bambi a friend of yours? She won the other prize before this one. Just wondering if you took my advice about telling a friend the right answer.

Paula said...

No, Bambi is not a friend of mine but congratulations on getting a new reader. I have a few girls at work who read the blog, but they are to slow in getting to it.

OK I am going to a good deed tonight and give my freebie to Subrina who has been close but not close enough.


Suprina said...

Paula: That was real nice of you.

Subrina, when you read this, email me about your book choice. As you know, I'm going to have to go in the hidden stash for you. Also don't forget to thank Paula.

Paula, be blessed, lady. You're going to reap that good deed probably sooner than you think.


PS. Great news everybody! Kim had her baby - a beautiful HEALTHY boy. She says the delivery wasn't that bad either. Thank God!

I wish we could've thrown her a baby shower or something. As you know, Kim is all the way in South Africa. Bomber.

bambi said...

hi and thank you so much! i thought that by the time i posted it would have already been gone but man did i luck out with a few seconds. and paula that was very awesome of you for giving to subrina.

i found you suprina from sylvia hubbard's site and started reading your work since the few post right before the vod for enticing mr. wrong. you are truly fantastic and both you and sylvia have me checking your sites for updates every single day whether at work or home.

if possible may i have spots and stripes? my email is

thank you so much once again!!!!

Suprina said...

Bambi: I just sent your freebie to the email address you indicated. And yes, that was good of Paula to hook Subrina up like that. She's a true sweetie.

Wow! You found me on Sylvia's blog, huh? I truly can't thank that girl enough. She's always helping other writers in some shape, form, or fashion. And that's just ONE of the reasons I support her work, too. That and the fact that the sista just knows how to tell a good story.

Thanks for being so supportive of both of our work, Bambi. It's greatly appreciated.


Subrina said...

OMG!!! Paula thank you so much for your kindness and you have made my day...I"m rushing off to work but I'll be back this afternoon to comment more. Suprina I'll be email you this afternoon too about one of your hidden stash that you'll recommend for me to read. Again Paula I say thank you very very very much.