Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let The Questions Begin!

I'm officially opening up the floor right now for questions about the story. I know I threw a big zinger at you in the last post and some of your heads are still spinning from it. I want to clear up any confusion you may have now. You know, get your foundation on solid ground before we build even more upon this story.

Trust me, you're going to thank me for this interruption later, because once the drama increases (and it most definitely will), you will be less likely to get confused and find it easier to keep following the story. Especially with the introductions of a few more new characters coming up soon.

So here's your chance to ask questions about ALL the stuff we've gone over so far. Please don't use this time to ask about future events. I can't tell you that. lol. You have to stay tuned to the story to find out those juicy details. lol.

With all that said, let the questions begin...



Suprina said...

Also, for those building up your Suprina Frazier collection of books, I have 'Bound By Love' in pdf form now. As you know, this book is free on my Main Website. I simply put it in pdf form if you wanted the whole thing in one piece. Just email me if you want it.

I'm going to do My Lover, My Friend that way AFTER I run it through more edits to fill out the story more.



P.S. Why so quiet now, ladies and any gents? I'm waiting to post new chapters, but I wanted to clear up any confusion first. If all hearts are clear on the story, I can proceed with Cami's story and probably will around 10pm tonight.

Joy said...

I am having trouble keeping all the parents and extended family sorted out in my mind now.

Aiesha is cousins with Royal/ Roy? right? Her brother died in the first book? Does she have any more family present in the stories?

Royal's real father died but he is real close with his step father. Royal's mother is a redeemed Christian.

Bones is 1/2 brothers with who again? They finally met up with thier father in the last story right? What about his mother?

Is Millsap an only child? His mother is overbearing and money hungry and his father is supposidly gay, but not really because he is dating Towana.

Cami's mom is a gold digger and her dad is an educated man. But what does he do? Retired Military?

What about Mike-Mike's family? I remember his grandmother talking to Tonja. But was there anyone else?

What about Franco's family? 10 kids all diffrent mothers? What about his parents?

Delia's mother is a christain re-married living in florida with her.
But her father where is he? He was abusive right?

Delia and Royal have 5 children, 3 of which are from E-Blade... aka... Diego... aka...Nuevo who only some people know is still alive.

E-Blade/Diego/Nuevo's mother is an addict that hates Delia right? What about his father?

How am I doing???

God Bless

Carrie said...

Well Joy, I'm just gonna sit back and wait for the answers to all of your questions. You are truly a thinker, which is a good thing.

Suprina, you have got your work cut out for you. lol