Monday, October 13, 2008

Don’t Keep This To Yourself!

I’ve been reading all of your comments (and emails for the shy folks. lol) and the general consensus is that you are truly being blessed by this story. If what you say is true, tell somebody else about Miss Opportunity. At least 3 somebody else’s so they can be blessed, too. You can tell more if you like. lol.

In other new, the story is going to the VOD at Chapter 41 (the halfway point of this long, yet exciting story). So this would be the best time to tell your friends after all since it would give them a chance to catch up with the rest of us before then. This is also your advance notice to start saving your coins for the switchover. Special thanks to those that have already paid for the VOD in advance.

For those who might be wondering why Cami’s story is so long, it is because it is the end of the series. As such, I have to bring EVERYBODY back together for a big climatic finish. I mean, BIG, y’all.

Okay, going back to writing and editing now. I should be posting within the next two hours or so.

Much luv.


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