Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Author Interruption

I just wanted to pause and say how excited I am about how well things are going on the blog. Y'all are commenting, ordering books, and even paying for the VOD in advance. Do you know how great that makes me feel?!


Thanks so much for that, y'all.

Before I go back to editing and posting, I want to also encourage you all to go back and read some of the comments that are being posted. There are some wise women on this blog and they are saying things in the comment section that are blessing my soul. I'm talking about life-changing stuff!

Plus, I try to respond to each and every comment, so you might want to go back and see what I said to you. I also hope that you are enjoying my little 'nerd moments'. lol.

Okay, enough talking. Time to get back to work.



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