Thursday, October 02, 2008

Author Interruption

Starting today (Oct 2nd) the posting will go a little slower. For one thing, all the flashback scenes are gone, which only required the slightest editing in order to show another character's POV.

Secondly, the chapters from this point on are new. Some newer than others. Which means the editing is slowing and so is the posting. I'm trying to keep the plot straight, open and close the right doors, and keep the timeline in order. That kind of stuff takes more time and thought.


Although you will get no less than 2 posts a day, it won't be like Wednesday's posting where I put up 11 posts in one day. Sheesh! Even I didn't know how much work I put out yesterday.

Also coming up is music, video, and more pictures to match the storyline. I think we're all going to love those additions. Especially since they seem to enhance the story so much. Right now, I'm still trying to find the right music for Millsap and Cami's first time together, which should tell you just how new some of these next chapters truly are.

Okay, that's all for now.

Much luv, y'all.



Anonymous said...

hi suprina! please bear with me and my comments, remember i was on holiday yesterday but still wanted to comment wherever i could.

It’s a shame that Cami still has all that bitterness toward Delia bottled up within. She can’t even admit that if her son moved away it’s because she wasn’t being the mother he needed.
I guess it’s not yet time for her to come into that realization huhn?
I;m glad though that she and narvina decided to stay heterosexual, I would have freaked out if she didn’t – whew!!!

Wowo that’s a big beautiful home Millsap has, who inspired the building I wonder? So he’s a country boy? I love the setting also with mountains behind. Does he live by himself I wonder in that big ole’ house. If Cami knew ut I guess she will soon enuff.

It was good to find out Cami’s mindset the day she was headed for the carnival, helps me to understand even better why she did what she did. Hm!

Millsap’s mom cried wolf one too many times so noone can blame him for not believing her although I’m glad she didn’t die because of it. I hope he comes up with a solution to curtail that spending – that is not healthy for her NOR his finances. I admire him and Mike-Mike for not abandoning Franco in his time of need and doing everything to help their friend even to the point of abandoning their gambling. This is what real friends do for one another, he doesn’t realize it but he’s already naturally practicing some Christian principles naturally!! I’m warming up to him real quick Suprina.

WHOO cami, didn’t know she had got that desperate trying to hook a man at he church carnival like that. Is the girl really desperate or is this her way of operating around men? Showing off her goods like a skank? She doesn’t know better does she? And 5 years in prison probably didn’t do much good either..

So cami is going on brole and holding out for Millsap? Well something ghas to happen soon before she kicked out of that fancy hotel rite? Although she was real stooped to turn down Delia’s offer but what can we expect from her at this point?

So flashbacks are over? Forward we go!!!!

Congratulations to your new baby Kim!! God bless the addition to your family!!


Suprina said...

Sharon: You definitely made up for your holiday with this long comment. Sheesh! I’ll try to address each part as best as I can.

Yes, it is a shame that Cami still has all that bitterness toward Delia bottled up within. But that will be dealt with later.

I didn’t want Cami to turn gay/bisexual either. That would have made it even harder for her and Millsap to get together.

Everybody seems to be loving Millsap’s house. He’s actually a city boy, but his heart craves the serenity the country has. Yes, Millsap lives alone and Cami will eventually know about that house. Eventually. lol. Can’t say more than that without giving away some major plot secrets.

Glad you’re understanding Cami a lot better.

I personally don’t blame Millsap for turning off his phone either. The boy was doing the best he could by his mother. It wasn’t his fault she’d cried wolf one time too many.

I liked Millsap and Mike-Mike commitment to Franco, too. True friends stick it out with you in your time of need. And yes, I guess Millsap is already naturally practicing some Christian principles. Even I hadn’t realized that before now. Thanks for bringing that out, Sharon. I’m also glad that you’re warming up to him so quickly.

Yes, Cami’s desperation started showing up at the church carnival and when she got to Enfield, it got worse. Once you meet Cami’s mother (much later in the book) it will explain why she acts that way around men, why she can’t seem to help showing off her goods like a skank. As we all know, prison doesn’t actually rehabilitate most inmates, but rather just makes them better criminals.

To her credit, Cami does know how to hold out for a man. She did that in Bonz’s book when she was waiting for him. She did that while in prison. And she’s about to do it now concerning Millsap.

Yes, flashbacks are officially over.

And for Kim, I can only hope she has time or the energy to read anything these days. Having a new baby in the house is hard work. lol. For real though.