Monday, September 29, 2008

(Y'all ready? Here goes...) Miss Opportunity - Ch. 1.1


Having heard that Dominic’s hair salon was the best place in the two-city area to get his dreadlocks done just right, twenty-one-year-old Millsap Monroe concluded his work in Enfield, Georgia and drove over to Littleview, a neighboring city.

After being checked in by the receptionist, Millsap was directed to an empty workstation. The photo near the mirror of the workstation featured the flamboyant picture of an openly gay stylist named Berry.

It’s a good thing I’m not homophobic anymore, Millsap mused, settling his muscular frame in the vacant chair of the workstation.

His gay father and bisexual mother cured him of that phobia several years ago when they both came out of the closet. At that time Millsap was faced with two choices. One, sever all ties with them from the embarrassment factor alone. Two, continue to love them, despite the fact that he didn’t agree with their lifestyles.

Long story short, Millsap chose to keep both parents in his life for better or for worse. In fact, it was his father that recommended Dominic’s to him.

While Millsap waited for Berry to return to his workstation, he couldn’t help but notice the stunning woman the stylist was talking to. She looked so familiar to him.

Where have I seen her before? Millsap mused, just as Berry approached him with a friendly greeting.

Instead of responding to the greeting, Millsap said, “Who is that?!” His brownish-green eyes followed the shapely woman in red as she walked through the salon and out the front door, waving goodbye to others as she went.

Berry fought not to frown with disappointment. With that kind of reaction to his female boss’s beauty, the man had to be heterosexual. The lonely man had hoped differently.

“That’s the owner of the shop,” Berry replied.

“Oh, for real?” Millsap looked even impressed. “She got a man?”

“Yes,” Berry said with relish. He recalled Aisha mentioning dating a man named Greg, though he had yet to meet him.

“She happy with this dude?”

“Very,” Berry replied, again taking pleasure in dashing the other man’s hopes. Why let his hopes be dashed alone? “So what can I do for you today?” he continued, smoothly switching subjects. “You want your locks washed, conditioned and re-twisted? Or taken out all together?”

“The first thing. I want my locks clean and tight for the Playas Ball tomorrow.”

“The annual one over in Enfield?” Berry asked, gathering various products up to use.

“One and the same,” Millsap replied, proud to be going to such an event. It showed in his smile.

“Oh, you about to get the hook up for real now.” Berry smiled. He could smell a big tip coming already.

Only a certain caliber of hustler got invited to Enfield’s infamous Playas Ball. Plus, if Berry did an extra good job with Millsap’s hair, that would be walking advertisement, which meant more business would come his way.

“Hook it up!” Millsap grinned, unaware that by coming to this salon today, he now held valuable information about his own boss’s number one thorn in the flesh – Aisha Norwood. The same woman that would help usher in a new day among the Enfield drug cartel.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

Special Note:

I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge a fellow writer – Charlene Leonard. Although Charlene is deceased now, she is the one that taught me how to connect books together by using the same scene just from a different POV (which is what I’m doing in the first few chapters of Cami’s book). In this way, any of the books can be used as standalones as well as parts of a series.

Fortunately, Charlene’s website is still up and running. You can view some of her work at: )

* * *

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Suprina said...

Giveaway question: Who was Millsap’s boss?

Anonymous said...

I'm trying...E-Blade?


Suprina said...

Sharon: You're absolutely right. Yay! Now go email me with your choice of E-Book and I'll send it right on.


P.S. You know you can only win once, right? This way others can have a shot at winning. Especially since you're up before most everybody else on this side of the pond. lol. Which country are you located again, Sharon? Africa? Sorry I forgot.

Anonymous said...

this is terrific!! do i get to pick any book?

yes, unfortunately i understand only get to win once SNAP!
i'm in Africa, indeed.
by the way really glad to once again have the live story to check into once a day.

i read all your explanations and totally agree with you. We've been getting free stories for HOW LONG? it's time you also started thinking about you. this IS a career.

am totally happy that problem areas where ironed out during the summer by the Lord's gracious hand.

i love your choices of character BUT i am not a great fan of Michael jai White soooooooooooooooooo here's another person i'm gonna have to learn to appreciate besides the biggie Cami. this'll be an experience to say the least.


Suprina said...

Sharon: Yes, you get to pick any book, except for Someday since it's not in E-book form yet. You can even choice one from, but you have to get it from me directly though and not that site if you want it free, okay?

I wasn't a fan of Michael Jai White at first either, but no one else fit the image I had of Millsap even close except him. Plus, I liked the things Michael had to say on his Myspace page. I liked how dedicated he was to his marriage and that really spoke to my heart. As you can see, I research these people before I use their images. I try to find mostly positive folks, although some are obviously more flawed than others. But then again, who ain't.

Finally, this is going to be quite an experience for us all. I was too excited while posting these first installments. I'm expecting God to bless my soul too through this story.