Thursday, September 11, 2008

Royal's Day - Pt. 3

Clara asked: Royal, you must be an open minded person; considering the fact that you are a very accomplished person and a success, you could have your choice of women yet you went for a woman with three children. What do say to this?

Royal’s reply: Clara, like I told Jrboss a little while ago, I felt called to be Delia’s husband. From my understanding and experience, once you are called to something or someone, you are given a certain level of grace and equipped to handle any kind of baggage that comes along with that assignment.

Now although I don’t consider my stepkids baggage by any means, some people do and so that is why I used that illustration. Either way, I didn’t let the fact that Delia had 3 children when I met her deter me from going after her heart. In my opinion, Junior, Cuba, and Tess were bonuses to the deal.

*chuckling to himself*

Yes, even Junior, who gave me the hardest time before and after Delia and I were married. We're good to go now though.

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