Thursday, September 11, 2008

Royal's Day - Pt. 2

Jrboss asked: Nowadays you don't see many men that are willing to fight for what they want (were women are involved). My question is with all the women that continued to throw themselves at you on a daily basis, how did you know that Delia was the one GOD had in mind just for you?

Royal’s reply: That’s a very good question, Jrboss. Let me think back for a second. Hmmm…as I recall, Delia’s smile was the first thing that attracted me to her, not her body since she was heavy with child at the time and about to go into labor. I also liked her personality and how much she loved kids.

When I saw her again 7 weeks later, I found myself highly attracted to her on a physical level and wanted to date her. I started to believe that Delia was the one after I learned all those horrible things about her past and STILL wanted to date her. I KNEW she was the one when I soon wanted to take things beyond dating and make her my wife.

Feeling called to be Delia’s husband went a long ways towards helping me resist other women. That calling is what still equips me to stand strong against temptation now, because women are still trying to throw themselves at me, despite the fact that I wear my wedding ring proudly.

Jrboss asked: And when you walked in on her kissing E-Blade I know that hurt you to your soul because I felt it, how hard was it to get pass that hurt and forgive?

Royal’s reply: *wincing at that memory* I try not to even think about that time in my life, Jrboss. That whole situation wounded my soul tremendously. It made me want to commit murder for the first time in my life and not just in self-defense either.

All I can say is that by the grace of God, I’ve been able to push pass all the hurt stemming from that incident. It helped that Delia was so repentant and humble, so willing to beg for my forgiveness. In all honesty, it was easier for me to forgive her than E-Blade, although he apologized too. I guess that was because what he did was more calculating. Delia had simply been reacting in shock and from a flood of memories. Truthfully, although I have forgiven E-Blade and have even made room for him and his wife in our lives, I still don't trust him fully. I may never.

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