Thursday, September 11, 2008

Royal's Day - Pt. 1

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Tidbits about Royal: Former OB/GYN, businessman, pediatrician. He and Aisha are cousins. Married with kids to Delia, who used to be one of his former patients. Loves kids, a great musician and singer. Loyal to a fault.

Author’s question to Royal: How do you feel about Cami?

Royal’s reply: Like everyone else, I don’t trust Cami at all. She has proven herself untrustworthy even in the short time that I’ve known her. Although I agree with my wife that her cousin is redeemable, I sense that that redemption won’t come until Cami is broken, humbled, with no one else to turn to but God and whom He sends to help her.

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The floor is officially now open for you to ask your questions of Royal. Go for it with gusto!

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Jrboss said...

Now a days you don't see many men that are willing to fight for what they want (were women are involved). My question is with all the women that continued to throw themselves at you on a daily basis, how did you know that Delia was the one GOD had in mind just for you? And when you walked in on her kissing E-Blade I know that hurt you to your soul because I felt it, how hard was it to get pass that hurt and forgive?