Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 7.1


Add a few inches to his height and put some colored contacts in his eyes and that brotha could be Millsap’s twin, Cami mused, referring to the actor Michael Jai White, who was currently on the large movie screen at the front of the prison’s recreation room.

If only this was an X-rated movie, Cami thought lustfully, willing to settle for an R-rated one at this point. Anything to see more of Michael Jai White’s muscular body.

But R and X-rated films were prohibited at the Village Square Correctional Institution. The ladies couldn’t watch anything beyond PG-13, which is one reason they were viewing Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? Another reason was because this movie had so many fine black men in it. Sadly, few of them were watching it for the life lessons to be learned therein.

Cami was among the I-want-to-see-some-fine-black-men group. This was her third time watching this particular movie. Each time she watched it she thought about Millsap. Each time she wondered how differently her life would have been if she had slept with him that December night instead of E-Blade.

If I had hooked up with him, I might be a general’s main squeeze right now. I would definitely still be free, Cami thought, having heard about Millsap’s promotion even in prison.

She heard a few more things about him, particularly how Millsap and Mike-Mike nipped a rebellion in the bud when two captains protested Mike-Mike’s promotion over them. How those same captains ended up dead soon thereafter.

That’s probably just a rumor though, Cami thought, unwilling to think of Millsap as a murderer, despite the fact that violence often came along with the drug game.

Cami would much rather think of Millsap as a lover. A dark chocolate lover with muscles galore. Without realizing it, she moaned aloud at the thought of Millsap in his birthday suit…for her eyes and her pleasure alone.

“Girl, that Michael Jai White got me churning, too,” whispered Navina, Cami’s cellmate.

Together they were among the few females that hadn’t turned bisexual or gay in this prison. Both women were determined to stay heterosexual for the remainder of their time. It was their way of proving that not all inmates changed their sexual preferences just because they were locked up. That some inmates retained their sexual orientations quite well even under this kind of pressure.

Besides, if the pressure got to be too much they could always seduce one of the male guards. Navina did that on the regular. Cami hadn’t done it yet. When she had sex again, she wanted it to be as a free woman.

“Actually, I was thinking about another muscle-bound dude just now,” Cami whispered back to her cellmate as they sat on the back row of the recreation room. “A dude I once dated in Enfield, who happens to look a lot like the fine Mr. White up there.” She pointed towards the screen that they and the rest of the females from their cellblock were looking at.

“Was he mmm...mmm good in bed?” Navina asked, turning from the movie altogether now in search of steamy details from somebody’s real life adventures.

Cami chuckled softly at her friend’s antics. “I wouldn’t know. I got locked up before we ever got to that point.”

“Too bad. Maybe you can look him up when you get out. Get him to do some pushups on you, some crunches, some—”

“Quiet in the back, ladies!” a female guard interrupted in a harsh tone.

Cami and Navina collectively rolled their eyes upwards. They both blew out breaths of frustration at being treated like children. At being denied even the smallest of privileges. Especially when they weren’t even talking that loud in the first place.

Twenty more months, Cami mused, counting down the time she had left on her sentence before forcing her attention back to today’s movie.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

It has begun...

The start of freshly minted scenes.

As y'all know, I have most of my plot points already written down and mapped out before I post online, requiring only a fleshing out of the bare bones of the story.

But somehow as I start to get into the story with you all, new scenes and plot twists show up and demand to be included. This is one of them.



Subrina said...

Now I'm getting to know Cami and Milsap more than just side characters...I think there story is gonna be hotter than the other two.

Suprina said...

Subrina: This story is going to be off the chain! I mentioned once before that I thought about taking it secular...primarily for the love scenes alone. lol.

Although they are tasteful as usual, some of them are steamier than Aisha and Bonz, and also Royal and Delia's. I didn't think I could go any hotter than those without actually writing erotica.

Somehow I made it work though. However, if those scenes prove to be too much for some readers, I advise them to just skip those parts because I have peace about leaving them in there. Which probably means they are going to be a blessing in disguise to some married couple/soon-to-be married couple. That has been the case so far.