Monday, September 29, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 6.1

Three years later - February

A lot of changes occurred after that E-Blade and Cami fiasco. Bonz and Racker recovered from their injuries. They both got married, became bonafide family men, and fully legitimate in all of their business endeavors. They were even Christians now, going to church on the regular.

Bonz’s wife was none other than Aisha, despite the fact that she plotted revenge on him due to misguided information about her deceased brother Dominic. Because her love for him proved to be genuine after all, Bonz forgave Aisha for entering his life under false pretenses and married her anyway. He even forgave her for blowing up the old lab, which was the second secret he discovered about her, but still hadn’t shared with anyone. Not even with Racker.

Delia did not do any hard time. E-Blade’s dying words were able to save her from any prolonged jail time. It was a good thing, too, since she was discovered to be pregnant with his third child shortly after his death.

Unfortunately for Millsap, Delia left the state of Georgia altogether and moved to Florida with her mother and children. He might have pursued her even then, but after Alexis told him that Delia had sworn off romance forever, Millsap decided to just let the woman be. It was clear that E-Blade had done irreparable damage to Delia’s heart. As a result, it was quite possible that she might need a lifetime to get over it.

As for Cami, she was still in jail. Her son used to be in Delia’s care, but was now living with her father up in Seattle, Washington.

Meanwhile, the new crew at the top of Enfield’s drug game, Millsap, Mike-Mike, and Franco (who eventually took E-Blade’s spot), were keeping things under control in the city by any means necessary. They were prospering while doing so.

Right now, Millsap and Mike-Mike were in Florida preparing to make another drug buy. In an effort to waste time before the transaction was scheduled to occur, the two generals went to a local race track and hung out. Franco was missing from their presence today on account of his latest girlfriend going into labor over the last twenty-four hours.

Franco was very popular with the ladies, which was why he had so many baby-mamas. Which was also just one of the reasons he stayed so broke. In fact, Franco owed Millsap a few grand now, but he wasn’t holding it over his head. Especially since he always paid him back eventually.

Is that Dee? Millsap mused, suddenly spotting a woman that looked just like Delia Valentine.

The woman in question wore a brown and tan outfit which consisted of a pullover sweater and wide-legged pants that looked more like a free-flowing skirt than trousers. Whoever this woman was, she looked prosperous and happy. She also looked preoccupied…with a man!

If that is Dee, then her heart has clearly healed, Millsap mused, straining his eyes to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.

“Mike-Mike, don’t that look like Dee Valentine to you?” Millsap said, trying to get a second opinion as he pointed to the elegantly dressed woman across the field.

“Yep,” Mike-Mike replied. “Wonder who’s that dude she’s with,” he added, noting the tall olive-skinned man with her.

“Let’s go find out,” Millsap suggested, leading the way.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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Suprina said...

Giveaway question: Who is Delia with at the racetrack?

Jrboss said...

Her husband (in secret) Royal with his fine self. I can never look at CSI Miami the same again LOL

Suprina said...

Jrboss: You're so right. Yay! Email me with your E-Book choice and I'll send it right to ya.

As for that CSI Miami comment, I feel ya on that one. LOL! Adam R. is a major cutie and patterning Royal after his good looks served to enhance that character well.