Monday, September 29, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 4.2

Cami’s scream brought Delia running back downstairs. Delia’s eyes widened with shock when she saw the two childhood friends/business partners going at each other like bitter enemies.

What in the world had happened to create this kind of chaos in her home?

Delia was about to find out more than she bargained for.

“Stop, y’all! Remember the kids, remember the kids!” Delia shouted over the loud expletives stinging the air. Somebody had to remember the kids in case the two men started doing more than cursing and throwing blows. Especially since both men were known to tote guns.

Delia’s sudden appearance caused E-Blade and Bonz to do what Racker hadn’t been able to accomplish alone – calm the men down far enough to separate from each other. Even still one could tell that that separation was reluctant, because the men still looked like they wanted to kill each other.

“Got some nerve tryna fight me over some freak that’s way out of his league anyway. Look at her on the TV all hugged up with some other dude,” E-Blade said, getting in a last shot, even if it was only a verbal one.

“You wish you had a woman like that!” Bonz retorted, ready to go at it again. Fortunately, Racker restrained him this time.

“Whatcha mean he wish he had a woman like that?!” an insulted Delia asked. Now she was furious with Bonz, too. “Aisha might be cute, but she ain’t all that now!”

“And I guess you are, huh?” Bonz turned to glare at Delia. She should have just stayed out of this. Now she was going to get hurt, as well. “You’re so busy trying to fight every woman in the street, when the one you got living in your house is dissing you the most.”

Cami let out a loud gasp. Her eyes snapped to E-Blade’s.

Did he tell anyone what was going on between them?

The surprised look on E-Blade’s face revealed that he hadn’t said a word. Yet Bonz had known anyway. Cami only had herself to blame for that, considering how brazenly she’d acted with her secret lover tonight.

Suddenly Cami let out another sound. This time a cry of pain, as Delia’s right fist connected with her left eye, the same eye Aisha had blackened just last month.

“I want all of y’all out of my house right now! And that means you, too,” Delia said, turning to glare pointedly at E-Blade. Despite her anger, the deep pain of betrayal shimmered in her eyes.

“But, Dee, me and Little Man have no place else to go,” Cami wailed as she held her smarting eye. It was going to be black and blue in the morning.

“You should have thought of that before you slept with my man!” Delia retorted, before stomping angrily back up to her bedroom. What she had feared the most had come upon her – her man cheating on her with a relative.

“I’ll deal with you later,” E-Blade told Bonz in a menacing tone before quickly trailing behind Delia. His heart had lunged in his throat when she looked at him just then. E-Blade had to try to do something to ease her pain. Anything.

Halfway out of the room, E-Blade glanced back one last time at his now ex-friend. Yeah, I’ll definitely deal with you later, he decided, again blaming the wrong person for his troubles. It wasn’t Bonz’s fault that E-Blade was such a dog, the worst kind of dog that didn’t know how to respect family boundaries.

The menacing look Bonz gave him in return actually served to solidify E-Blade’s plan of revenge. Nothing would stand in the way of that vengeance. Not the fact that they were business partners in the drug game and had so much money at stake. Nor the fact that they had a big shipment in just two days. Not even the fact that they were once beloved childhood friends.

I just need to figure out what to do with Racker, E-Blade mused, concerning the only person who stood in the way of him exacting a worthy revenge upon Bonz.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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Suprina said...

Giveaway question(s): Bonz left the country temporarily after that fight. Why? Where did he go? Who did he go see?


Jessie said...

He left the country to go see Aisha because of what he saw on TV. Bonz went to London. He wanted to learn why Aisha attended her permier with Jarrett. He saw Jarrett and Alisha. He broke off his relationship with Alisha for a little bit after this visit.

Suprina said...

Jessie: You were the exception to the previous winners don't qualify rule. You answered all of the questions just right and first. Yay!

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