Monday, September 29, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 3.1

While Delia dozed in their bedroom, E-Blade went to take a shower. As the warm water cascaded down his body, his mind swirled in reflection, reviewing all that had happened tonight during the Playas Ball and afterwards. No matter which way E-Blade’s thoughts turned, he kept coming to the same conclusion – Aisha had to go.

Because of Aisha, Delia and Alexis’ longstanding friendship was now in jeopardy. Because of Aisha, Bonz and Racker had become a couple of boring Joes who didn’t know how to have real fun anymore. Because of Aisha and her oversexed body, E-Blade was constantly reminded of what he didn’t have with Delia. Of what he thought he’d had again tonight until things went terribly wrong.

We came so close, E-Blade mused, now reflecting upon what happened between him and Delia after the Playas Ball.

Having left the kids at the babysitter’s overnight, because they didn’t want to shock them with Cami’s swollen lip and eye, E-Blade and Delia went straight up to their bedroom when they made it home. Cami went to put ice on her face.

Convinced that they were going to have another argument about his behavior at this year’s Playas Ball, E-Blade braced himself for more nagging. Instead of nagging, he got kisses. Delia was like a wild woman, kissing, touching, and grinding against him like the old days.

Overcome with the possibility that his woman had somehow returned to her former self, E-Blade literally ripped Delia’s dress from her body and proceeded to love on her with unbridled passion. Their foreplay was hotter than hot. There was no place Delia didn’t touch him. There was no place he didn’t touch her. Oh, it was so like the old days.

Everything was fine until…until E-Blade actually entered her. At first Delia was as tropical as a Caribbean island from their heated prelude. Yet as soon as the curtains to the main act rose, she became as dry as the Sahara Desert.

Even now E-Blade didn’t know what happened to turn her faucet off. Though Delia tried to fake that she was still enjoying herself, he knew better. He knew she was just trying to stroke his ego, trying to act like they still had it, when it was long gone. Might not ever return.

Feeling like a failure in yet another area of his life, E-Blade did what he always did at times like these – blame somebody else.

If Dee can’t give me what I need, ain’t no reason for her to get mad about me getting it from somebody else, he mused, finally turning off the shower.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

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Suprina said...

Giveaway question(s): What was physically wrong with Delia? Did she even know at this time?

Paula said...

She had a deformed clitoris. It happened when she gave birth to her second child.

Jessie said...

She did not find out about what it was called until the birth of her third child delivered by Royal.

Suprina said...

Paula: You win this time, girl. Yay! You even got the childbirth that the deformation happened right. You go, girl.

Email me with your E-Book choice. If you have read them all from my released catalog by this time, I'll slid you one from my unreleased catalog. It might have a few errors, but the plots are off the chain.


Suprina said...

Uh-huh, there's still a question to be answered, Paula. That was a two-part question. If someone else answers the second part before you do, then I'll give them a freebie too AND they get to participate in another giveaway question.

You still get your book either way, Paula, but are disqualified from the remaining giveaways per contest rules. Sounds fair? Hope so.


Suprina said...

Jessie: You just got yourself a freebie, too...and you get to participate in another giveaway question.

Email me with your E-Book choice and I'll send it on.


PS. I am so loving this, y'all. Having much fun today.

Paula said...

Thank you i will have to see which one i dont have and getback to you.


Ps that is fair!

Suprina said...

Paula: Kool!