Monday, September 29, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 2.3

Millsap knew things where about to spin out of control again the second he saw Cami grab Aisha’s hair and jerk her head back hard against the chair.

Would the model chick fight back? Did she even know how to?

That was left to be seen.

“Let her go, Cami!” Bonz shouted, throwing his cell phone on the table after just calling in more reinforcements to restore order elsewhere in the club.

“Uh-uh, baby. I got this,” Aisha said calmly, stopping him from intervening. “You want some of me, trick? Come get it,” she added, grabbing Cami by one of her arms and slinging her forward.

Cami’s midriff hit the table hard. The impact completely knocked the wind out of her. It also knocked Bonz’s phone on the floor.

Millsap winced like so many others who’d seen that move. Oh, Aisha ain’t no joke, he mused, starting to feel a little sorry for Cami now. Just a little.

With her hair now free, Aisha sprung to her feet. Using both fists, she began to annihilate Cami with swift punches to the body and the face, talking trash the whole time.

“Didn’t know what you were getting into, did you?” Aisha said, sending a right hook to her opponent’s face. “Thought I was just another pretty face, huh?” A left hook this time.

Grinning now, Bonz casually picked up his cell phone and speed dialed someone. “E-Blade, you need to come back for Cami. Aisha in here beating the brakes off her,” he said into the receiver even as Racker and Alexis hasted to their table among the chaos.

E-Blade and Delia quickly returned inside the club. By this time, Cami had started to fight back, but it was no use. Aisha had long since gained the upper hand and wasn’t about to relinquish it any time soon.

“Back up off my cousin!” Delia shouted, rushing over to the table where the main event was being held.

People around them stopped fighting each other to see what was about to go down at the generals’ table. The DJ cut the music. Even some of the VIP inhabitants came downstairs to investigate. Oh, yeah, Aisha and Cami’s fight was definitely a main event now for sure.

Millsap let out a frustrated breath. He didn’t want Delia involved in Cami’s mess. Especially since her cousin was the one that started the fight with Aisha.

Now holding Cami in a chokehold, Aisha turned around and faced Delia. “My beef is not with you, Delia. But if you want to join this party, you can,” Aisha said, not even out of breath.

“I don’t have no beef with you either, Aisha, but Cami is family,” Delia replied. “Now let her go,” she hissed menacingly.

“Make me,” Aisha challenged, tightening her hold on the gasping woman.

Before Bonz and Racker could intervene as this fight suddenly became unfair, Alexis stepped forward and evened the odds. “If you want to fight Aisha, you’re going to have to go through me first,” she told her longtime friend.

“You gone side with her?” Delia asked, looking more hurt than shocked.

“I’m on the side of what’s right,” Alexis replied, standing akimbo style in front of Aisha. “You and Cami are wrong for trying to jump Aisha when she ain’t been nothing but good to all of us. So I’m gonna tell your cousin what you should have a long time ago,” she continued, using her own fair share of Ebonics in the heat of the moment. “Move on already, Cami. There are other fish in the sea.”

Then Alexis turned to her new friend. “Aisha, please let that jealous heifer go, so she can do just that, move the heck on.”

“All right, but if she swing on me, it’s on again,” Aisha replied, finally releasing her hold on Cami. “Get,” she said, shoving her defeated foe away from her.

Stumbling into her cousin’s arms, Cami took deep breaths, trying to pull as much air as she could into her starving lungs. There was no fight left in her.

That’s what you get, Millsap mused, showing Cami no sympathy at all now.

“Are we all right now?” Bonz asked, moving to put an arm around Aisha’s waist as his eyes locked with E-Blade’s and no one else’s.

Like everyone else, Millsap heard that question from one general to the other. Like everyone else, he knew that it went deeper than the current situation. It meant were the men in the crew still all right, despite what just occurred between their womenfolk.

E-Blade broke gaze briefly to look at Aisha with icy eyes. Blinking the icicles away, he turned a warmer gaze back to Bonz. “Yeah. We cool,” he replied, draping an arm each around Delia and Cami’s shoulders.

A collective sigh was heard from the onlookers. The DJ turned the music back up, playing Yeah, an upbeat Usher song to get the people moving again. Club employees began to pick up fallen chairs. Attendees went back to their respective tables and rooms. As they did, they talked among themselves, collectively deeming this the best Playas Ball Enfield had ever had.

As E-Blade escorted his quiet womenfolk towards the exit, Millsap wondered if the generals were really going to be able to squash this confrontation. Or if it was going to lead to something else. Perhaps even something fatal.

It was clear that E-Blade didn’t like Bonz’s woman. That he likely hated Aisha. That issue alone was going to wreak havoc within the generals’ tight circle of friendship.

What was also clear was the fact that Bonz was in love. The way he was looking at Aisha now, the way he kept checking to make sure she was physically okay proved that fact to everybody.

Fortunately, only Aisha’s clothes and hair were damaged. She was physically just as fine as ever.

At this point, Millsap thought the remaining generals were sure to go home. Instead, they released the strippers from their duties for the night and got back into the swing of the party, creating new sources of entertainment for the crowd.

Aisha incited a Soul Train line, which went over big with everyone. Racker, who surprisingly could pop-lock like a pro, challenged other amateur pop-lockers to try to best him.

Astonishingly, a mahogany-skinned blonde-haired female named Paris, whom Millsap selected as his new love interest for the evening, won the dance challenge. Paris went home with a case of her favorite alcoholic beverage and a roll of hundreds courtesy of Racker and Bonz. She also went home with Millsap that night.

Although this was definitely the best Playas Ball Enfield had ever had, it was also a night that Millsap would never forget for one main reason.

Because of the large trophy he’d won?


Because he’d seen Cami get beat down?


Because this was the night he contracted his first and only STD.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

Tee-hee. Every time I go over this scene it tickles me. Cami got her behind spanked that night. I agree with Millsap, that's what she gets.

Are y'all enjoying revisiting certain scenes from these different POVs. I know I am.


Jrboss said...

It's awesome to laugh out loud again and to see things through Millsap's eyes.

Suprina said...

Jrboss: Yep!

Subrina said...

Yes I'm enjoying revisiting scenes and Milsap contracted STD...WOW you threw me a curve that

Suprina said...

Subrina: Glad I could throw a curve in there for you, Miss Always-solving-somebody's-plot-secrets. lol.

Anyhoo, that one experience affected Millsap so much that it changed the way he handled his sex life from that moment on. You'll see much later in the book, so don't forget about him and that STD. It will explain a lot.


Anonymous said...

i was having a ball watching cami get her due. go aisha go aisha that was a memorable scene. i'm still glad though that alexis stepped in, would never want to see aisha and delia in a chick brawl.
millsap's words came back to bite him..."that's what He gets". if getting it (std) helped change his sex life so much the better i say...