Monday, September 29, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 2.2

When Bonz and Aisha returned to the generals’ table, Delia was sitting there alone. Racker and Alexis had dipped out to their car for a little tryst of their own. E-Blade had gone onstage to personally introduce his female employees to the crowd, one by one.

“Can I get you anything?” Aisha asked, looking truly sorry for Delia. No use asking the woman what was wrong. Everyone knew E-Blade was a notorious cheater, who didn’t seem ready to change anytime soon. Few knew that Delia’s unexplained sexual dysfunction was at the root of his infidelities.

“No, I’m fine,” Delia lied, blinking her shiny eyes clear. “Thanks anyway.” She did her best to smile.

“You’re welcome,” Aisha replied compassionately as fresh drinks were brought to their table by a diligent waitress named Tonja.

Bonz’s mouth went into a straight line as he assessed the pain on Delia’s face. Up until now he hadn’t realized just how much E-Blade’s behavior had hurt Delia. Up until now he hadn’t really cared since he’d had that same playa mindset for years.

Now that Bonz did care, he couldn’t ignore Delia’s pain any longer. He would see what he could do to talk some sense into E-Blade’s head. Or at least get the man to slow down his wayward activities.

Just then, E-Blade announced that it was time for the distribution of the awards. The minor awards when first. Hustlers from all over the club strutted up to the stage to receive their honors.

When The Hustler of the Year award was announced, no one was surprised at the recipient. Millsap was a true go-getter. He would be a general in no time if he kept up his momentum.

Three tables away from Bonz, Millsap quickly went up to get his award. His smile was wide. He’d never walked taller or prouder.

When he returned to his seat with the large trophy in hand, even Cami looked impressed. That irritated him to no end. Before the trophy, she barely paid him any attention. Now that all eyes were on him, she couldn’t stop gawking.

Too late now, girl, Millsap mused dismissively, unwilling to even look her way now.

Suddenly The Playa of the Year award winner was announced. That announcement was followed by many gasps of surprise.

Bonz had won again this year, despite the fact that he’d been off the dating market for months now on account of Aisha. As a result, he looked just as surprised as anyone else by that announcement.

“Though my boy is out of commission now, he still had more women in the first part of the year than everybody else did all year,” E-Blade bragged to everyone, explaining the reason for this win in the process as Bonz seemed to reluctantly make his way to the stage.

“As all you OG’s know, this particular award comes with a few extra perks,” E-Blade continued, handing the gold crested pimp cane over to Bonz a few short minutes later. “Ladies, come give this playa his due,” he added, calling forth every stripper on the stage.

One by one, their hands would soon be all over Bonz. Some would even give him lap dances in the red velvet pimp chair that had been placed on the stage.

Suddenly Bonz grabbed the cane with one hand, the microphone out of E-Blade’s hand with the other. “Ladies, though I appreciate what you are about to do, I have to pass on this one.” He turned towards the table where Aisha sat and added, “My lady got all the lap dances I need.”

Then amongst loud claps from the women in the club and even a few of the men, including Millsap, Bonz returned the microphone to E-Blade and quickly exited the stage.

Fire blazed in E-Blade’s eyes, yet a pasted smile remained on his face. “Well, ladies, since my boy don’t want his due, I’ll take it,” he said, sitting down in the pimp chair himself.

Millsap heard Delia before he ever saw her coming or rather going. Screaming like a banshee, she leaped upon the stage and attacked the first girl that sat in E-Blade’s lap. Cami ran up on the stage to help her cousin.

Soon mayhem broke out in the club. Not among the men, but among the women. And because the ruckus was among the women, the men in the club took their time trying to break up the catfights. They saw it as simply another form of entertainment.

To Millsap’s surprise, Aisha yoked up with the men, refusing to participate in the estrogen-laden ruckus. Like the men, she remained at her table and only observed these new developments with amusement.

“I wish there was some mud or at least a few gallons of oil involved in this mayhem,” Mike-Mike said with a wide grin.

Millsap chuckled, yet he kept his eyes on Delia. He didn’t want anything bad to happen to her even though she was known for holding her own in a fight. He could care less what happened to Cami.

E-Blade, used to Delia’s jealous outbursts, grabbed her about the waist and proceeded to carry her off the stage. Handfuls of some woman’s hair were between her fingers. One of her shoes was gone, pulled off in the heat of battle to clock another woman over the head.

Millsap sighed in relief when E-Blade carried a kicking Delia towards the front exit.

Was he relieved about her going home with E-Blade?

No. Millsap was relieved about Delia being taken out of harm’s way.

Meanwhile, Cami stayed behind to work out some of her personal frustrations. When hitting other women didn’t give her the satisfaction she desired, she subtly made her way towards Aisha.

Pretending that she was going to casually pass by the generals’ table, Cami waited until Bonz and Aisha’s backs were to her before quickly detouring behind them. The time was just right to strike.

“Trick!” Cami snarled, grabbing a handful of Aisha’s long hair.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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