Monday, September 29, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 2.1

Hearing Millsap chuckle beside her, Cami finally turned the whole of her attention to her date. Not only did she like the sound of Millsap’s voice, she finally realized that he was one handsome man in his own right. Especially with those brownish-green eyes of his and all those big muscles.

Even now Cami was openly admiring Millsap’s muscles, taking a minor reprieve from her jealous ire in order to just appreciate another fine male specimen. With his jacket off, she could really see how muscular he truly was. Every time Millsap lifted his drink to his mouth, his biceps looked like they wanted to burst out of that black dress shirt. And it wasn’t even tight on him either.

Fully aware of Cami’s eyes on him as he continued to converse with his friends, Millsap surprisingly felt heat everywhere her gaze touched down. He didn’t think he would, considering his dislike of her. And yet here he was actually enjoying her open perusal of him.

I guess Franco was right. You don’t have to like a woman to sleep with her, Millsap mused, willing to sleep with Cami in spite of her obvious flaws.

I bet she is full of fire, Millsap deduced silently, finally meeting Cami’s hot gaze with one of his own.

Suddenly time seemed to stand still. The things and people around them seemed to fade into the background as something within her called to something within him. Something wild and untamed. Something that Millsap was determined to explore until…

Cami suddenly broke gaze and turned to scan the room. She was obviously looking for someone - Bonz.

Swallowing that subtle rejection like a man, Millsap brought his drink to his mouth again and took a long swig this time. This date couldn’t be over fast enough for him now for sure. No more favors like this for anyone. Not even Delia.

Despite Cami’s clear attraction to Millsap, it wasn’t strong enough yet to quench the deep craving she still had for Bonz. More specifically, the deep craving she had for his money and status.

Bonz was a general with more money than both of his peers. Millsap was only a captain and didn’t even own a house yet, though that was inevitable since he was so driven to succeed. In fact, many had him pegged as a sure winner of tonight’s Hustler of the Year award.

Even so, Cami’s eyes would not stop scanning the room for Bonz’s return. She even refused to dance with Millsap when he eventually asked her to. And not just because he’d half-heartedly made that request, either.

He ain’t won that award yet, Cami thought. Until then, Millsap would still be just a lowly captain in her eyes.

Finally, Bonz and Aisha returned to the main area of the club.

Cami’s temper grew hot all over again when she saw their modified appearances. Bonz’s hat was gone, clearly left behind wherever he’d obviously just had sex at. Aisha’s hair, which once sported a mass of curls, was now parted in the middle and combed straight back. Their clothes were a little more wrinkled, but not terribly so. They were still presentable enough to make it through the rest of the night in good style.

That should have been me with him, Cami thought, too wrapped up in her own misery to care that her cousin was just as miserable tonight at her own table.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Jrboss said...

It's really hard not to hate Cami, she's so selfish...I can't wait for her transformation ;)

Suprina said...

Jrboss: I know. But hang in there with her, okay? Since we all know how bad she is, her transformation is going to seem like even more of a miracle when it happens.

Plus, remember what I think Royal said during the interviews...something about how Cami will change when she runs out of options and has to depend solely on God and whomever He sends her way.

Stay tuned...for that transformation is a long way off. We are all going to dislike Cami a little bit more before that happens.

Btw, this is my second time writing about a character that everybody hated upfront. I did it once before in Unconditional Love. That was also a part of a series. Except that heroine's transformation was quicker because she became humble faster. Cami's change is going to take a little longer due to her stubbornness. Come to think of it, that's even true in the real world. We slow up our own progress by being stubborn, hard-hearted, and stiff-necked.

Okay, enough preaching for now. lol. Going back to edit for another post.


Subrina said...

Cami either doesn't realize nor care that she's appearing to be a gold digger. It's so sad to see women lowering themselves for the highest bidder.

Suprina said...

Subrina: Cami knows how she's coming across. She just don't care. When you learn more about her personal history, you'll understand.