Monday, September 29, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 1.4

When the DJ announced that it was time for a bit of special entertainment, everyone returned to their tables. When all were seated, the room suddenly became completely dark. A large movie screen descended from the ceiling behind the dance floor. Soon the Kiss, Kiss video by Chris Brown and T-Pain appeared on the screen.

Simultaneously, several stripper poles ascended from the floor. A line of strippers came from an east side door. They headed towards the elevated dance floor/stage, bouncing and shaking their money-makers all the way.

The red and white cheerleading uniforms the strippers wore consisted of a wide strip of material across their breasts and another ruffled strip across their pelvic area. Their exposed backs bore the company logo of E-Blade’s new strip club.

The eyes of every man in the place became glued to the stage, anxious to see what the scanty clad women were going to do next. Millsap stared, picking out all the onions in the crowd. The thicker, the better.

Wincing, Cami snatched her gaze away from the stage. It pained her to even look at the strippers. They reminded her too much of her mother and some very, very unhappy childhood memories.

By the time the song Nasty Grind by Adina Howard came on, Cami had better control of herself and Millsap’s attention had switched from the strippers on the stage to the generals’ table like so many other attendees. They were all watching Aisha give Bonz the best lap dance he probably had ever had in his life.

Cami’s eyes soon followed in that direction, causing her to get upset again for a whole nother reason now.

“Man, Bonz is a lucky dude,” Millsap said, speaking to no one in particular now.

“Sho’ is,” Mike-Mike agreed. “I bet a C-note that Bonz takes her somewhere in the back and hits that hard in about ten minutes.”

“I give him five,” Millsap replied, taking that wager.

“I call only three,” a captain named Franco Hoffman said from the next table, getting in on that wager.

Franco won. It was exactly three minutes later that Bonz and Aisha left the generals’ table and made their way to a private spot for a little rendezvous.

As Millsap and Mike-Mike paid their debts, Millsap happened to look over at the woman fuming quietly beside him. Cami looked like she wanted to call down lightning bolts. That made him chuckle.

That’s what you get, Millsap mused, having no sympathy for a gold-digging woman. His own mother was one and he barely had sympathy for her.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

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Suprina said...

Giveaway question: Why was Aisha giving Bonz a lap dance when there were clearly enough strippers around to do so?


Suprina said...

To all: I know these scenes are familiar from Aisha's book and there's a few coming up from Delia's book, so many of you (who've read both books) might be skimming through. That's fine. Just don't overlook the new little nuggets I'm planting within these scenes about Cami, Millsap and Millsap's friends because they will have much bearing on what happens later in the book and you'll be able to understand them all better.


Suprina said...

Going to bed now. I'll answer any questions and fill any orders after my siesta.



Sylvia Hubbard said...

millsap is interesting

Sylvia Hubbard said...

millsap is interesting

Carmel Beauty said...

Because she didn't want Bonz eyes on the stripper she was determined to keep her mans eyes on her. She also peeped out E-Blades attempt to divert Bonz attention from her. Hope you have a good rest.

Jrboss said...

Ohhhh, I know because she was trying to get Bonz's attention off the stage. His eyes was starting to wonder and she wanted him to know that even tho in the past he was use to getting them (lap dances) from the strippers, she was just as skilled as any stripper (and she proved it)LOL

Anonymous said...

hello're going to bed? over here it's 3:16 in the afternoon so i was like ging to bed...say what?! i gotcha' though we are quite a looooong way from each other.

first i liked your dedication to charlene neonard who i discovered thru a link of yours and read a few of her works which are really good.

second, at this point i have no symplathy for trifling cami and stuck on himself millsap but sigh..dey gon' have to grow on me...snif...smiles. what i like is that you just don't pick your characters to pick, you could have chosen any gorgeous ebing out there but you took time to research out some your character and that's bonus because it actually gives more depth to your story's background i believe at least for us readers.

well at least millsap admires bonz for his good qualities that's a positive sign!
and comment yet especially for the way she doesn't make an effort to engage her date in any conversation or anything else for that matter sheesh.
i thought she was a gold digger, at this point millsap don't have much yet or what?


Paula said...

So that he would not focus on e-blade strippers and only have eyes for her.

Suprina said...

Sylvia: Yes, Millsap is interesting. You'll find him to be a true alpha male before the story is up. Gotta love those! lol.

Carmel B: You're absolutely right, girl. Email me with your choice of E-Book.

JrBoss and Paula: You're right too, but somebody else beat you to the punch. Don't fret though. There's more giveaways coming up.

Sharon: I'll be back to answer your comments since they are longer.


Suprina said...

Sharon: Yes, Charlene was the joint. She took me under her wing when I was just starting out as a professional writer and taught me so much. Even how to insert code into my websites and technical stuff like that. I still miss her today. And since by now y'all know how loyal I am to my friends, dead or alive, I will always promote her work in my endeavors.

Similarly, when I hit it 'big' in the publishing industry, I'm not going to forget about y'all. The people who were there with me from the beginning. I'll probably be sending y'all free tickets to events, paying for your transportation to those events, lodging etc...when my money is rolling like that, of course. lol.

I know you don't like Cami and maybe not even Millsap at this point, but what I have in store is going to change all of our opinions about them...I hope. lol.

Yes, I do a lot of research for personal and professional reasons. That's that nerd in me, remember? So it was definitely my pleasure to find the right pictures of the right people to enhance the story for everyone, including myself.

As for Millsap having money, he does have some. After all, captains make a nice bankroll too. But Cami wants the kind of money that Bonz (a general in the game) has. She's all about the big dollars.

Okay, going to edit some scenes and post soon.

Much luv.