Monday, September 29, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 1.3

“Man, Bonz sho’ know how to pick ‘em,” Millsap said, intent on making Cami just as miserable as he was right now.

Why, oh why did he ever agree to this date?!

One word – Delia.

“She ain’t all that,” Cami replied from the chair beside him. Her eyes danced with jealous ire as she, too, watched Aisha and Bonz sway on the dance floor to Bed by J. Holiday.

Millsap cut his eyes at her, despising the hateration he saw there. This would not be a repeat date. In fact, Cami was likely to be dumped before the night was over, despite how fine she was. He’d kept his word to Delia. It wasn’t his fault that her cousin’s attitude was so stank.

“She looks all that to me,” inserted Mike-Mike. “I can’t stop looking at that Triple T video for nothing ‘cause of her.”

Millsap’s eyes widened in realization. “She was in that video, wasn’t she?” he said, finally recalling where else he’d seen Aisha. “Now I know Bonz is the man. Who else but a true playa could snag a video vixen/business owner.” He didn’t harp on Aisha’s model or actress status since Cami already knew about those.

“Business owner? What kind of business does Aisha own?” Cami asked, thoroughly saturated with jealousy now. She personally didn’t own much of anything these days. Not even her own car since the one she left Texas with a while back had recently put her down due to lack of proper maintenance. That was Cami’s own fault for not putting oil in it as frequently as she was supposed to.

“Some tight beauty shop over in Littleview,” Millsap replied, showing his malicious side by digging the verbal knife in deeper and turning it. “It’s always packed, so you know she stacking big paper over there. I got mad love for any chick willing to make her own cheese.”

“Me, too, man,” Mike-Mike co-signed. “Ain’t nothing worse than having a lazy chick who don’t want to do nothing but help you spend your loot.” The heavyset man had enough of them in his life now.

As more men at the table chimed in about trifling women (who happened to be just like Cami), she tuned them out in the face of this new information about Aisha. This was the first time she heard anything about her rival owning a business.

I wonder why nobody ever said anything, Cami mused. Especially Delia, she thought, referring to her cousin by her given name now as she started to wonder if she was switching sides on her.

Delia had been pushing Cami to abandon all thoughts of snagging a general a lot more lately. Plus, she was starting to say things like ‘Maybe Aisha knows something we don’t about how to reform a playa. She definitely seems to have Bonz in check.’

I’ll ask E-Blade about the situation, Cami decided, still finding an ally in him concerning Aisha. Concerning a lot of things.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


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Subrina: Kool. We're all waiting for Cami to be reformed. Still a ways off though.