Monday, September 29, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 1.2

With his long dreadlocks freshly done, a new outfit on his tall muscular body, designer glasses on his face, Millsap was more than ready for Enfield’s annual Playas Ball this year. What he was not ready for was his date for the evening.

I wish I’d been hooked up with Dee instead, Millsap mused, preferring voluptuous Delia Valentine over her more slender cousin Cami Edison any day.

Yet Delia was off limits to him. She belonged to Esteban ‘E-Blade’ Jackwood, one of the generals in the Enfield drug game. The same general that Millsap, a street captain, directly answered to.

The fact that E-Blade was such a hot head was also a deterrent against pursuing Delia. No captain could expect to be successful in a coup against a general. Not in Enfield. And Millsap didn’t believe in starting wars he couldn’t win.

Plus, Delia had specifically asked him to be her cousin’s date for the evening. How could Millsap refuse her anything?

As usual, the Playas Ball was being held at The Urban Revue, a club that the two other generals, Gregory ‘Bonz’ Forsyth and Romare ‘Racker’ Newman jointly owned. As usual, everyone was dressed to the nines for the event. Suits, jewelry, and big hats on the men. Jewelry and barely-there outfits on the women.

Since Millsap’s date for the evening was meeting him there, he found one of the captains’ tables and settled in beside his number one homeboy Michael ‘Mike-Mike’ Duggar. Mike-Mike was a captain like him. They’d come up in the game together. They’d even played on the same high school football team.

When the first general arrived, Millsap turned to give him a respectful nod and a warm smile, getting the same in return. Everybody liked Bonz. He was level-headed and one of the most brilliant men you’d ever want to meet.

Like his partner Racker, Bonz owned a slue of legitimate businesses, despite his connections to Enfield’s underworld. Millsap couldn’t help but admire a guy that knew how to make money in multiple arenas.

Bonz was also a renowned ladies man. Yet as of late he’d settled down with one chick named Aisha, who was rumored to be an up and coming model/actress. She was also a business owner.

That’s where I know her from, Millsap mused, suddenly recognizing Bonz’s lady from the salon he’d visited in Littleview. Dressed like that, I can see why Bonz turned in his playa’s card, he thought, perusing her frame from head to toe.

Aisha wore a pair of red thigh-high boots and a red and black short jumpsuit that showed off her shapely model figure to a tee. Beside her, Bonz wore a black Armani suit with a red tie. On his head was a black hat with a thin red strip around it. They were definitely color coordinated tonight.

Aisha and Bonz weren’t the only couple matching tonight among the generals. Racker and his girlfriend Alexis wore green and red coordinates. E-Blade and Delia wore black and green. All were colors of the holiday season.

Veterans of the Playas Ball, E-Blade and Racker’s attire consisted of pimp suits. Delia and Alexis both wore dresses that were short enough to discourage any type of bending over.

Though Alexis was most certainly attractive with her shapely slender frame, Millsap’s eyes instantly zoomed in to Delia. He was partial to thicker women. Women with wide hips and ample bottoms. Women that could handle all that he had to offer on a physical level.

E-Blade don’t know what he got, Millsap mused, now scanning Delia’s frame from top to bottom.

Delia’s neckline was so low that one could almost see the tips of her breasts. The open navel area of the dress revealed a washboard stomach that belied the fact that she was a mother of two kids. Her hips were shapely and cellulite free.

Dude has no clue, Millsap mused, looking over to E-Blade only to find his boss’s eyes wandering all over the place, looking at every woman except the beautiful one on his arm.

Delia definitely deserves better than him, Millsap thought, wishing he was a general now so that he could at least stand some semblance of a chance with her. After all, most women connected to the game didn’t date down. They dated up.

Just then, Millsap’s date entered the club, walking in right behind E-Blade. And for a moment there, he forgot all about Delia as he took in Cami’s sensual frame.

Tonight Cami wore a pink see-through dress that left nothing to the imagination. Though slender, her curves were supple and full in a way that Alexis’ wasn’t. She even had an onion–shaped bottom, which Millsap particularly liked.

Some men labeled that kind of derriere an apple bottom. But for this man it was the vegetable, not the fruit, that Cami’s key asset reminded him the most of.

Nothing like an onion to make a grown man cry, Millsap mused, thinking that maybe this date with Cami might not be so bad after all. Even Delia didn’t have an onion as perfect as her cousin’s. After a few hearty meals at my place, Cami will be sho’ nuff right for a brotha, he thought, ready to thicken her up a bit.

Suddenly Millsap’s mind completely changed as Cami moved from behind Delia and stood where she could be more easily seen. Not easily seen by him, but by Bonz.

Millsap frowned and instantly recalled a few more rumors from the streets. He’d heard about Cami’s chase of Bonz. About how Aisha booted Cami out of Bonz’s picture when she came on the scene. About how there was still bad blood between the two women because of it.

To Bonz’s credit, he didn’t seem to know Cami existed tonight, concentrating the whole of his attention onto Aisha.

See, that’s why I look up to that brotha, Millsap mused, admiring Bonz and dreading his inevitable date with Cami at the same time. He didn’t want to have anything to do with her now. The fact that Cami seemed just as reluctant to leave the generals to come to a captain’s table made Millsap dread this date all the more.

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