Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Millsap's House in the Country

This is a picture of Millsap’s home in the country:

Photo link and credit:


Subrina said...

WOW!!! I love the pictures you're using...I would love to own a house like that with a husband of course *smile*...One day soon Suprina it's gonna happen for me.

Suprina said...

Subrina: I'm so loving these pictures, too, girl. Put in a lot of hours in research looking for the one that matched the image I had in my mind.

And girl, you know I'm in agreement with you having all of your heart's desire.


Jessie said...

Yikes. Where can I find a husband like Millsap to build me a house like that. I want.

Suprina said...

Jessie: I'm trying to save to get me one of those built some day. I would love to retire in something like that.


Paula said...

Suprina this is my DREAM HOME! I want a home like this within the next 10 years on 3-5 acres.

PS. Were still working on getting money like Millsap. LOL

Suprina said...

Paula: Your post made me laugh, too. This whole comment thread reminds of when we were kids and used to sit on the porch watching cars go back saying, "That's my car!" to the ones we wanted when we grew up.

I hope we all hold onto the image of our dream house, because I truly can't recall which of those cars I tagged as mine as a child. Which means I never got them as an adult. lol. Plus, tastes change. The cars I wanted back then probably ain't even the ones that I want right now. lol.

Fun times.