Friday, September 12, 2008

E-Blade's Day - Pt. 6

Paula asked: E-blade, are you saved?

E-Blade’s reply: Although I believe in Jesus and have committed most of my life to doing right by him, I haven’t committed it all. There’s still a part of me that I hold back. I know that’s not right, but it’s the truth. It’s a trust thing. It’s hard for me to trust anyone, including God at times. I guess it’s because I’ve been let down by so many people.

Paula asked: Do you now see what Bonz was feeling for Aisha? It made him feel loved liked he had never been loved before. Do you now understand what that feeling can do to a man, even a thug?

E-Blade’s reply: Yes, I do understand now. Interestingly enough, my love for Fila has transcended my love for Dee. I still don’t understand that because I never thought I could anyone more than the mother of my kids.

Paula asked: Please watch your back with Speed, because I would hate to see him harm your loved ones.

E-Blade’s reply: *smiling* I really appreciate your concern, Paula. Especially after hearing how much you hated me in both stories. Oh yeah, Suprina told me how much you used to call me a JERK. lol! I forgive you.

As for Speed doing something to my loved ones, there’s no place on earth he could hide if he so much as TOUCHED one hair on any of their heads!

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