Friday, September 12, 2008

E-Blade's Day - Pt. 5

Carmel Beauty asked: What is your situation with the officer you had problems with in the past?

E-Blade’s reply: Me and Speed still don’t get along. I hate him just as much as he hates me. I have to watch my back all the time around him. Thankfully, I got a wife that helps me watch my back because Speed is NOT to be trusted. He’s even worse than I was.

Carmel Beauty asked: What would you say to Racker and Bonz now?

E-Blade’s reply: I honestly wouldn’t know what to say to them, Carmel Beauty. Sorry doesn’t seem to be enough to say to the people I tried to kill.


All I can do now is let my regret show up in my actions. To be a better man every day. But then again, who knows if I’ll ever get the chance to show Bonz and Racker how much I’ve really changed?

Author interruption: I know. *grinning mischievously* Everybody else will just have to wait until Cami’s book to find out. When will that be? The last week of September. I should have my finals taken care of by then (prayerfully) and be ready to go full force with the story.

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Paula said...

E-blade are you saved?

Do you now see what Bonz was feeling for Aisha? It made him feel loved liked he had never been loved before.

Do you now understand what that feeling can do to a man, even a thug?

Please watch your back with Speed, because I would hate to see him harm your loved ones.