Friday, September 12, 2008

E-Blade's Day - Pt. 4

Carmel Beauty asked: What changed in your relationship with Bonz and Racker to make you do what you did?

E-Blade’s reply: I changed in the relationship. The fellas still treated me the same way they always did – with much respect. I’m the one that decided to hate on them, especially Bonz. For some reason, I just couldn’t take the fact that all this good stuff was happening to him and not me, or at least to us together.

See, Bonz and I had done so many things together, had overcome so much…together. When he got with Aisha, all of that suddenly changed. Suddenly he didn’t want to hang no more. Suddenly he was going to all these fancy places and experiencing all these exciting things…without me. I couldn’t take it. I was jealous plain and simple. And like jealous Cain did to Abel, I tried to kill my brother(s). I will ALWAYS regret that.

Carmel Beauty asked: Also what made you do another 180 and change into the man you are today?

E-Blade’s reply: When my life was spared, I realized that it had to be spared for a reason. A good reason. That’s why I cooperated with all the changing I needed to do. That’s why I did the whole 180.

Carmel Beauty asked: Are you enjoying life with Fila?

E-Blade’s reply: Oh yeah! *grinning wide* Life with Fila is exciting, exhilarating, and downright satisfying. I also like that little dangerous edge she got to her. It really turns me on.

Author note: Carmel Beauty, E-Blade will be back in a minute to answer the rest of your questions. Thanks for asking so many.

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