Friday, September 12, 2008

E-Blade's Day - Pt. 1

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Tidbits about E-Blade: Ex-hustler, secret agent. Has 3 kids by Delia. Is married to a fellow agent named Fila. Is presumed dead by everyone that used to know him except for Delia and Royal. Tried to kill Bonz and Racker once. Regrets hurting his family and friends, especially Delia. He also regrets sleeping with Cami.

Author’s question to E-Blade: How do you feel about Cami?

E-Blade’s reply: I don’t hate or despise Cami. I understand her. Like me, she is prone to bouts of jealousy and pride stemming from her overall unhappiness with herself, which then leads to bad decisions. Very bad decisions. Although I’ve received tons of help with my issues (and am still receiving help through the agency and my wife), Cami still seems to be resistant, despite all the people trying to help her. I can only hope that she will change her ways before it’s too late.

* * *

The floor is officially now open for you to ask your questions of E-Blade now. P.S. you don’t have to handle him with kids’ gloves. Believe me, he can take it!


Paula said...

How do you think everyone else will feel to know that you are alive?

Are you really over Delia or do you have some lingering desire to still be with her?

Are you happy with your new wife?

Carmel Beauty said...

What changed in your relationship with Bonz and Racker to make you do what you did? Also what made you do another 180 and change into the man you are today? Are you enjoying life with Fila? What is your situation with the officer you had problems with in the past? What would you say to Racker and Bonz now?

I know that is a lot so answer what you want?