Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Delia's Day - Pt. 2

Jessie asked: How do you like married life with Royal, the man who gave you back your love life?

Delia’s reply: Girl, married life with Royal is off the hook! lol. Sorry, lapsed into my ghetto vernacular for a second there. lol.

But really, life with Royal is wonderful. I’m so grateful to have him not only because he restored my love life, but because the man is just so good to me. I love his patience, his forgiving heart, and the way he loves me and our kids, including the ones he didn’t produce.

And the constant serenades aren’t bad either. As you know, my man can play many instruments and can sing like Brian McKnight, so you know I’m getting quite a show at home. *giggle* Sometimes I just lie on top of the piano and just listen to Royal croon and play. At times it’s so relaxing. Other times, it’s soul-stirring…among other things. lol.

Good question, Jessie. Thanks for reminding me of even more reasons to praise God for my husband today.

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