Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Delia's Day - Pt. 1

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Tidbits about Delia: Businesswoman. Married with 5 kids to Royal. Three of those kids belong to E-Blade. She and Cami are cousins. They used to be close, but became estranged when Cami betrayed her and slept with E-Blade.

Author's question to Delia: How do you feel about Cami?

Delia’s reply: I still love my cousin, have even forgiven her. But I seriously doubt that we will ever be close again. Not after she slept with E-Blade and then tried to sleep with Royal, too. I still get mad about that sometimes. Even still, I find my heart wanting to reach out to Cami. I truly think she is redeemable. Maybe it’s because I’ve been forgiven of so much myself and needed someone to just give me another chance whether I deserved one or not.

* * *

The floor is officially now open for you to ask your questions of Delia now. Don’t be shy like yesterday with Bonz. lol. Ask Delia whatever comes to your mind…

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Jessie said...

How do you like married life with Royal, the man who gave you back your love life?