Saturday, September 13, 2008

Character Interviews Are Over!

Thanks to everyone that participated in the character interviews this week. I had lots of fun with this promo and I hope you did too. We all got to know the characters we've come to love/hate a little bit more. lol.

In gratitude to the people that commented this week, check your emails this weekend for a little Thank You gift (a novella entitled My Only John). You qualified for this freebie even if you commented only once this week.

Comments received after the time and date of this post are welcome, but the commentator does NOT qualify for the freebie. Sorry. Hopefully you'll meet the next giveaway deadline. I plan to have a few of them during the first part of Cami's story (spoiler).

Anyhoo, THANKS AGAIN everybody.


P.S. There's an audio message from me within your freebie, so don't forget to play it when you download the book. You already know how I look. Now you'll get to see how this southern belle/Georgia peach sounds, too. lol. Much luv, y'all.


Anonymous said...


First thing let me say THANK YOU sista' for that freebie!!! then let me repeat that I loved hearing your voice for the first time and as like it as much as i like your stories!

Concerning My Only John....gurl...i was happy into the story but got uneasy when Randy started showing the first symptoms of "weirdness" but absolutely got the heebee jeebees when the sucker settled into the hug. ooooohh i wanted to strangle him or castrate him then and there. I actually thought it wouldn't go far and believe me you had my heart constricted and bleeding for my gurl when he actually did go much farther. even more so when she called greedy mom and arienna put money over a shocked - hurt and a desperate needy daughter. i could not believe it but i was so happy marisa did not let the situation overwhelm her but put the pedal to the metal. Through your story i learned that no matter what the situation you don't have to let it overcome you but you have a choice to make, react or let the situation control you. If Marisa had stayed she would have been subjected to more of her slimy stepfather's goping hands and body and whew! was i relieved when she made her escape. Despite the odds that kept stacking up against her she battled it with a strong spirit making her choices and always keeping a positive outlook that she wasn't doomed to stay in a bad spot forever, she was always looking forward or for a way out and i appreciated that in her. Even when she made that pivotakl decision to walk the sidewalk she went into it eyes wide open understanding what and why she was doing it and her options. also planning already her way out. this story also reminded me that God looks out for His own. Through it all , He kept His eye and guiding hand on her, leading her to her first and last trick - her husband!! Cooper is wonderful and very understanding! there are so many more comments i could make but i'll spoil the story if i haven't already and it was a real good one Suprina. Surprising the twist you put on this one by having the heroine be obliged to go this way but it's a hard and true reality, thank God she fell on a Lezette and her transformation after coma was a bonus!! One thing I missed were your sizzlin' scenes...smiles...this book was decidely tame compared to your most recent works but despite it's tameness i had fun reading because of all the lessons packed in it.
so much more to share but let me stop here and give someone else space to praise you!! smiles


Suprina said...

Sharon: You said a mouthful then, girl. Gave away too much of the story too...Grrr...LOL!

All is forgiven. lol

Even so, I won't comment on some of the things you said here but rather in an email because that book hasn't been release yet. But I will say that I may or may not spice those scenes up during the editing process. Not the incest scene (because that totally grosses me out), but the one where she finally finds true love. Maybe, still thinking on whether or not I should leave it tame.

Glad you enjoyed all the lessons.


Suprina said...

PS, Sharon: Glad you got such a kick out of hearing my voice for the 1st time. I had fun making that audio message.


Anonymous said...

suprina, i feel dumber than a rock for blurting everything out like that! sheesh!!! i'm soo sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was going to write it on private email but though that everyone should know how much your novella was appreciated. smiles
as for spicing it up i'd say leave as is, it just needs retouching here and there. all books don't have to have sizzlin' hot scenes and it makes for a different kind of reading. i would never want the details of the incest scenes either (who would??!!) the small snippets i got here and there were more than enuff!!
i'm really looking forward to catchin' up again with you with Cami's story. the fun reading/blogging and interaction with everyone and yourself. WHEN DOES CAMI'S STORY START AGAIN? yes...gettin' impatient..smiles

Suprina said...

Sharon, you're not dumb at all...just eager. I understand that your intentions were good and so it was beyond easy to forgive you for giving away so many spoilers. Plus, by the time that book is released, it would have been re-edited and changed a lot, so it really doesn't matter all that much after all. lol

As for Cami's story, I just sent you and the rest of the folks on my mailing list a PowerPoint slideshow and reminder about Cami's story. I hope you like that too. A sista is tryna to step up her game a bit more now that school is ending and tryna to be more creative. Can't wait until I learn how to make my own book covers.


One thing at a time.

For now, be ready for Cami's story next Monday on Sept 29.



Mary said...

Hi suprina... Sorry i could not be there for the charater interview.. i had not read the story so could understand the characters :( but now i've read the story and missed the freebie :( no worries :) .. i'm waiting eagerly for Cami's story but will read it later after 5th Oct as i have my exams..
Regards Mary :)

Suprina said...

Mary: No problem about missing the character interviews. Sorry you missed the freebie, too. I am glad you read the story though. It will help explain a lot of things whenever you read Cami's story.

Much luv.