Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Character Interviews all next week!

Just wanted to give y’all advance notice about the character interviews that will be going on Monday – Friday of next week as we grow closer to the release of Cami’s story (Miss Opportunity).

What are character interviews?

It’s when you, the reader, get to ask certain book characters questions about anything you ever wanted to know about them. Anything… EXCEPT what’s going to happen in the next story. lol. Only the author can tell you that and she’s saying, “Wait until Cami’s story to see.” lol.

Here’s how next week’s format will go:

1. Each day there will be a different character interviewed. The schedule is as follows:

Monday- Aisha

Tuesday – Bonz

Wednesday – Delia

Thursday – Royal

Friday – E-Blade

2. Each interview will begin with brief tidbits about the character. Things like who they’re married to now, any kids, and most importantly, how they feel about Cami, who is the star of the next book (Miss Opportunity). I plan to post pictures of all of the characters featured if they are still online at the links I have in my files.

Your comments will be answered right here on the blog itself and not in the comment section so be sure to submit them for the right character on the right day.

Note: Comments coming in for characters days in advance will be held until then. Comments coming in for characters whose days have passed will be held until Saturday and answered on the blog.

That’s fair enough, right?

I hope to have lots of fun doing this with you all. I’m so looking forward to getting back into the minds of these characters that so many of you have expressed love and even hatred for (i.e. E-Blade). lol. All I ask is that you don’t outright curse the characters out, (trying not to call no names, lol), especially since we have people from various cultures and religious affiliations participating also. So try to keep a handle on your tempers, okay? (Pointing at you, Paula. lol) *smile*

Talk to y’all soon.



Paula said...

I am going to be on my best behavior. LOL

I actually liked E-blade by the end of Delia's book. He actually turned out to be quite a guy and a more loving and understanding husband and father.

I cannot wait for this book because, I know this is when everyone will know the truth about him. I will definitely keep my temper in check. LOL

Suprina said...

Paula: I believe you. And I'm so relieved that you made room in your heart to love E-Blade. But that goes to show how redeemable even the baddest person can be. How our hearts have the capacity to forgive even the most hideous people.

Okay, going to stop preaching now. lol.

Much luv.


Anonymous said...

yeah...we gonna' need those forgivin' and supportin' capacities with this "upcoming woman (she ain't no lady...yet...)" that needs redemption more than i need a repented christian man.

yes, E-Blade did redeem himself pretty good didn't he?

Suprina said...

Sharon: You got that right. We are all going to need those capacities for Cami's book. lol. And yes, E-Blade did redeem himself great in the last story. He shows that he's even more a good man in Cami's story. Can't wait to start it!