Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bonz's Day - Pt. 3

Jrboss asked: Bonz, I know it was a shock to find out you have a brother. How has your relationship been with him and your new found relatives?

Bonz’s reply: Finding out that I had a brother at all was indeed a shock. But to find out that it was College Boy Floyd (Jarrett) of all people was the true shocker. Especially since I’d hated him for so long because I thought he was a rival for Aisha’s affections. Now I am so glad I didn’t do Jarrett any bodily harm, because you know I wanted to. lol. Many times.

As for how our brotherly relationship is, it truly couldn’t be better. In fact, it’s great! I now see Jarrett as a Godsend in so many ways. Not only did he lead me and Aisha to the Lord, but he filled that void that E-Blade left among other things. Besides just being my brother, Jarrett has become one of my best friends. Royal, too, so I guess God gave me double for my trouble.


The rest of my family (via my blood ties to Jarrett) is great to me, too. My brother and I are both still trying to forge healthy relationships with our birth father (as you recall, Dee helped us hook back up with him). It’s been hard and there’s been a lot to forgive in the daddy department, but Jarrett and I are making great strides in that area, too.


Sorry for using so many ‘greats’ in my response just then, Jrboss, but that seems to be my favorite word today for some reason.

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