Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bonz's Day - Pt. 2

Sharon asked: Hi Bonz!!! So the only thing that attracted you to Cami was her physical appearance and nuthin’else?

Bonz’s reply: Hello, Sharon. Back then the only thing that attracted me about most women was their physical appearance. Sad, but true. The same thing happened with my wife when I first saw her. Except I was more attracted to Aisha than I had ever been to any other woman before or since.

Sharon asked: I bet the thing that first attracted you to Aisha was also her physical appearance but when did you realize that Aisha was better than Cami-was it just from a physical viewpoint or deeper?

Bonz’s reply: I realized Aisha had something extra going for herself beyond her looks when I talked to her that night at the club. Her whole conversation was different than Cami’s, who had a tendency to talk about money and material things a little bit too much from the day I met her. Although Aisha’s outfit was expensive (you know I know how pricey it was because I own a clothing store, remember?), she didn’t focus on her clothes or anything else materialistic that night. And the white wine she ordered was top shelf, which she wouldn’t even let me pay to refill for her.

*smiling to himself at that memory*

Yeah, I really liked the fact that Aisha was willing to pay her own way. That intrigued me. It made me want her all the more.

Sharon asked: As a Christian now how do you deal with what E-Blade did to you? Have you been able to forgive him and if you were given a chance to talk to him for 1 minute only before never seeing him again what would you say or do to him?

Bonz’s reply: I walk in forgiveness by faith one day at a time. If I didn’t have this slight limp to remind me of what happened, I might do better in the forgiveness department. But having to work so hard to regain all of my mobility and then to keep up with my active wife and kids, sometimes causes me to feel a little bitterness.

Sharon, I thank God that seeing E-Blade again isn’t even a possibility, because I truly don’t know if I’ll be able to hold it together. If I’d even WANT to hold it together. And that’s the honest truth.

*taking a deep breath to calm down and unclenching his large fists in the process*

But then when I think of Jesus, and how He was betrayed by someone close to Him, too, and how forgiving He was, my faith is stirred. I start to believe that I can also get beyond what was done to me. The fact that I’m still so active with E-Blade’s kids without a thought of bitterness in my heart tells me that forgiveness has indeed taken root in me already. I’m happy about that.

Sharon asked: How do you like marital life with my gurl Aisha?!!

Bonz’s reply: Now this is a question that I don’t mind answering, Sharon. That last one had me going for a minute. lol. Married life with Aisha is great! Baby girl is still full of spunk and seems to have been blessed with tons of energy. She’s a fantastic mother to our kids, runs our household as efficiently as she does our businesses, and keeps me satisfied in every way. And I mean in EVERY way (can't say much more without getting in trouble).

*cheesy grin*

Let’s just say, I couldn’t have asked for a better wife.

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