Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bonz's Day - Pt. 1

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Tidbits about Gregory ‘Bonz’: Pharmacist, businessman, and ex-hustler. Married with kids to Aisha. He and Cami once dated. That brief relationship almost turned into something else, but Aisha intervened and Bonz hasn’t looked back since.

Author's question to Bonz: How do you feel about Cami?

Bonz’s reply: Although I don’t hate Cami and am not blind to her attractiveness, I don’t trust her to walk three feet without scheming on somebody. She could have never been the woman of my heart, just my bed. The girl is bad news to everyone, including herself. Everything Cami touches seems to crumble. I honestly don’t know if she even has a do-right gene in her body. Or if she even wants one.

* * *

The floor is officially now open for you to ask your questions of Bonz now. Once again, ask as many as you like…


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonz!!!
So the only thing that attracted you to Cami was her physical appearance and nuthin’ else?

I bet the thing that first attracted you to Aisha was also her physical appearance but when did you realize that Aisha was better than Cami-was it just from a physical viewpoint or deeper?

As a Christian now how do you deal with what E-Blade did to you? Have you been able to forgive him and if you were given a chance to talk to him for 1 minute only before never seeing him again what would you say or do to him?

How do you like marital life with my gurl Aisha?!!


Suprina said...

Y'all having fun yet? I know I am. lol. Keep the questions coming.


Jrboss said...

Bonz, I know it was a shock to find out you have a brother. How has your relationship been with him and your new found relatives?