Monday, September 08, 2008

Author Interruption - Great News!

I just wanted to drop in briefly and tell everybody about a great review that I just got from Coffee Time Romance. I thought it would be fitting to insert this good news here since it is Aisha's day and all, and since it's her story that garnered such a great review.

That’s right, Enticing Mr. Wrong earned 5 coffee cups from Coffee Time Romance. If you know anything about this esteemed site and their rating system, you know that not many books receive 5 cups. That any book that does is deemed “a superior work” and “an ultra rare extraordinary read”.

*grinning wide, y’all*

I’m so happy about this news. It couldn’t have come on a more appropriate day. God definitely is good!

Here’s a snippet of what Krista (the reviewer) wrote about Enticing Mr. Wrong:

“The characters in this book have heart-felt emotions. Anticipation in every move is just another reason I could not put this book down for nothing. I would struggle every time so I could get other things done. Ms. Frazier has a fantastic spiritual story full of great major and minor characters. Even the little storylines on the side kept me reading. This is one author I would definitely recommend to anyone who not only wants a true romance but one that has spiritual undertones as well!”

To read the entire review, follow this link:


Jrboss said...

Awesome, she's just speaking on something we (your fans) already know. You rock girl...

Suprina said...

Thanks so much for saying that, Jrboss. Y'all rock, too!