Monday, September 08, 2008

Aisha's Day - Pt. 5

Jrboss asked: Aisha, how many more children are you and Bonz going to have? And a comment, I loved the little display you put on at the Playa Ball to distract Bonz from the ladies on stage. Just an awesome idea.

Aisha’s reply: I’m not at liberty to say how many more children we’re going to have (Suprina says that would be telling the next story. lol). But I can say this, we are not nearly through yet. lol.

As for that little thing I did at the Playa’s Ball, I thought of that on the spot, Jrboss. lol. It worked like a charm, didn’t it? lol. Hey, a sista had to do what she had to do, right? Today I might have handled things differently since I’m a Christian and all now, but back then I didn’t mind getting on a certain level in order to keep my man’s attention.

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