Monday, September 08, 2008

Aisha's Day - Pt. 3

Sharon asked: I can understand where you’re coming from since I really could not and still can’t stand Cami but I think that a person no matter how horrible can always change for the better thru Christ, would you be willing to give her a chance to change and give her room to grow as a Christian while supporting her and her ways?

Aisha’s reply: Sharon, I agree that a person can always change for the better through Christ. And yes, I would be willing to give Cami a chance to change and room to grow as a Christian with my full support, IF she shows me that she’s really sincere about changing. Other than that, God is going to have to drop a truckload of peace in my heart about Cami because I simply don’t trust her…and definitely not around my husband or anybody else’s for that matter.

Sharon asked: When you and Cami were after Bonz, did you at one time actually think of giving up to her?

Aisha’s reply: Girl, I’m way too competitive for that. lol! Cami wouldn’t have been a good enough reason to give up on anything, especially Greg (or Bonz as everybody else calls him), who to this day is still the finest man I’ve ever been with.

*fanning herself*

I’m getting warm just thinking about my husband now.


I’ll be right back to answer the rest of your questions, Sharon. I need a glass of water right now to cool off. lol.

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