Monday, September 08, 2008

Aisha's Day - Pt. 4

Sharon asked: Are you satisfied as a Christian and why? What do you like best about being a Christian?

Aisha’s reply: Yes, I’m very satisfied being a Christian. I like the peace that comes along with God, His accessibility. The way you can just go to Him about anything at anytime. I especially like how even though you might not have the solution to your problem right away, you can come away from your prayertime with peace knowing that the solution is at least on its way. Yeah, that’s my favorite part right there.

Sharon asked: Does Bonz’s hardcore past sometimes come to haunt you and give you doubt about your man and when it does what do you do? Thanx for answering my questions, I love ya’ by the way sista’ cuz y’all was jus’ so fun and freaky!!

Aisha’s reply: First of all, you’re welcome. I feel honored to answer any questions you have, Sharon. I really do. As for Greg’s past coming to haunt me, I can tell you right now that there is no escaping that. My man was what he was. And I had to learn to accept that in its entirety if I was going to remain in his life.

Plus, we still live in the same city, so yes, there are times when we’re somewhere and somebody recognizes him from that former life. I used to cringe inside at first, but after watching how smoothly Greg handles those situations, I learned to relax. Plus, I still carry around my gun, so if push ever comes to shove, I will have my man’s back. lol. I’m laughing, but so serious.

Also, Sharon, I have absolutely no doubts about Greg ever wanting to return to that life. He’s a Christian now, too, you know, and knows that God wouldn’t approve of such a thing. However, it is safe to say, that if he ever had to return, it would be on a peace-keeping mission.

PS. Greg and I are still fun and freaky. lol. That part of our relationship didn’t change after salvation. It only got better. *smile* Much love in return, Sharon.

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