Monday, September 08, 2008

Aisha's Day - Pt. 1

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Tidbits about Aisha: Feisty as all get out, she is a business owner, ex-model/actress. She is married with kids to Bonz. She and Cami were after the same man (Bonz) once. Needless to say, Aisha had more tricks up her sleeve and soon got that man.

Author's question to Aisha: How do you feel about Cami?

Aisha’s reply: I honestly can’t stand her, despite the fact that I’m saved now. I mean, I love Cami with the love of the Lord and everything, but I have no love of my own to offer her. I’m doing the best I can to walk in forgiveness towards her after what she did not only to me and my husband, but also to her own cousin. Sometimes I wonder if Cami is ever going to change for the better.

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Dear Readers, the floor is officially now open for you to ask your questions of Aisha. Ask as many as you like…


Paula said...

Is she the same Aisha from Bittersweet Interruptions?

Anonymous said...

Aisha : I can understand where you’re coming from since i really could not and still can’t stand Cami but i think that a person no matter how horrible can always change for the better thru Christ, would you be willing to give her a chance to change and give her room to grow as a christian while supporting her and her ways ?

When you and Cami were after Bonz did you at one time actually think of giving up to her?

Are you satisfied as a Christian and why? What do you like best about being a Christian?

Does Bonz’s hardcore past sometimes come to haunt you and give you doubt about your man and when it does what do you do?

Thanx for answering my questions, I love ya’ by the way sista’ cuz y’all was jus’ so fun and freaky!!


Jrboss said...

Aisha, how many more children are you and Bonz going to have? And a comment, I loved the little display you put on at the Playa Ball to distract Bonz from the ladies on stage. Just an awesome idea.

Paula said...

Will you ever be able to forgive E-blade if you ever got the chance?

Do you still see Cami as a threat to your union with Bonz?