Monday, September 08, 2008

Aisha's Day - Pt. 8

Paula asked: Will you ever be able to forgive E-blade if you ever got the chance?

Aisha’s reply: Actually, I have already forgiven E-Blade…by faith. Did I want to do that? Nope! Not after what that man did to my loved ones, starting with Dominic. But since God says that I have to forgive in order to keep my own prayers from being hindered, in order to keep moving forward in my life, I have forgiven E-Blade. Even so, I’m still not sad about him being dead*.

Paula asked: Do you still see Cami as a threat to your union with Bonz?

Aisha’s reply: Hmmm…I don’t see her as a threat as far as her being able to take him away from me. I know Greg loves me very much and don’t want to ruin what we have by cheating with anyone, especially not with Cami.

However, I think Cami does have the ability to threaten my peace. Meaning, if she decides to pursue Greg again, I may be tempted to get in the flesh and…spank…that…tail…AGAIN. You know, give her a little repeat of what happened at the Playa’s Ball. lol.

But...since I really don’t want to do that (and shouldn't according to what I've been taught in the Word), please pray for me, Paula. Because from what Delia told me recently, Cami is not as reformed/rehabilitated as she should be after her stint in prison and I might end up in the flesh again anyway if our paths cross.

*Author note: As of this writing, Aisha, Bonz, and the others doesn’t know about Delia and Royal’s secret concerning E-Blade, so please don’t tell them, okay?

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