Monday, September 08, 2008

Aisha's Day - Pt. 7

Clara asked: Aisha, I want to know why you felt you had to put that show up in chapter 19 of your book just to save Bonz face in front of his friends?

Aisha’s reply: Clara, I grinned at the memory your question stirred up and at the fact that you’re so familiar with my story that you even remembered which chapter that little show was in. Excellent.

Now on to your question…

Clara, if you recall, I had just overheard E-Blade say something offensive about me staying overnight at Greg’s house. Even though Greg knew we didn’t do anything sexual the night before, it was clear to me from his previous comments that he didn’t want his friends to know that. That he wanted them to think that he was still the playa (playboy) he always was. That made me mad, too, but I didn’t make a big deal about it since I was on a secret mission at the time, remember?

So in order to complete my mission and stay on Greg’s good side, I protected his ladies man reputation when I could have smashed it to smithereens (as I was itching to do at the time. lol!). If you also recall from the very next chapter (Ch. 20), me and Greg talked about the situation and I made it clear that I didn’t like what he’d done and why. I went on to tell him what would happen if he did something like that again. lol. Never had a problem out of him in that area since, girl. lol.

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