Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Series Roll Call

It has come to my attention that some people are reading certain book series out of order. I apologize for that since I’m not sure if I’ve shared recently or effectively which books are parts of a series. I aim to rectify that today.

The series that I’ve written thus far are as follows:

A Closer Look
Yesterday, Today, Forever
Sweet Haven

Up From Sorrow
Full Circle

Broken Fences
Threefold Cord

Changing Gene

Colors of Love
Spots & Stripes

Hump Day
Diesel’s Fuel
Feathered Friends

Uncommon Duo
Unconditional Love

Enticing Mr. Wrong
Pursuing Mrs. Regrets
Miss Opportunity (Oct. 2008 release)

Kin to the Saboteur (western)
Arousing the Falcon’s Fury (western, 2009 release)
Taming Amos (western, 2009 release)

All other books are stand alones with only casual cameo appearances in other books. Hope this helps.



Jrboss said...

Thank you so much because there are a few books I've read out of order. This just helps me to select the next books I need to read for each series. Thanks

Suprina said...

You're welcome!


Sylvia Hubbard said...

good lawd, you sound like me.

Suprina said...

Sylvia: You must be rubbing off on me or something. lol. That's what happens when you hang out at somebody's house so much. And I have been hanging out at your online house(s) (websites) for awhile now - 3 years, I think.