Monday, August 04, 2008

Grinning in Gratitude

I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone that participated in the weekend special. To those who wanted to participate and just didn't have the funds right now, I appreciate you, too. The financial support, shout-outs, and general goodwill about the 2 for 1 special was/is very encouraging to me. Especially during this turmultous time in my life when I'm faced with some major decisions (personal and professional). All prayers are welcome.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep trying to be a blessing to others and...keep grinning in gratitude, because God really showed himself mighty on my behalf this past weekend.

Much luv, y'all.



Anonymous said...

hi suprina,

i don't understand why my mile long comments keep disappearing into thin air...i could literally scream. anyhow...i just wanted to tell you that i've got yo' back sista.
i maybe can't understand what tough times you're going thru but i want you to know that you're in my prayers. i also wanted to let you know something that i heard from a servant of God. y'know storm clouds? when you look at them they are dark and menacing rite? but you know that if you look closer and closer you'll actually see that they aren't stormy clouds but angel's wings and it just means that despite divers trials we may go through the Lord Jesus is there, present with us EVERY step of the way. all we need to do is be steadfast in our faith never doubting. He says in His Word that it's in calm and tranquility that He answers. If you are unmoving in your faith trusting on Him assuredly He will come through for you. I also pray that he gives you the strength, courage and PEACE necessary in these times of trial.

God bless you girl,

Suprina said...

Sharon: I have no idea why you're comments are not coming through. I did get the last one though. And it was just as encouraging as this one.