Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Need Your Input

There’s a book (Pretty Packages) I wrote last year that I’m still debating about whether I should keep it under my Secular line (and pen name – Mi’Chelle Dodson) or revamp key sections and include it under my Inspirational line (and official name – Suprina Frazier).

For the next 24 hours, I’m offering this book as a FREE download on the site for your previewing pleasure. It’s full-length, but unedited, so overlook any mistakes you see since it’s still a work in progress. In fact, it’s going to remain a WIP until I decide which line to put it under. That’s where you come in.

All I need you to do, dear readers, is just read the book, and come back to this blog and tell me which line you think it should be under. Secular? Or Inspirational?

Here’s the link to access Pretty Packages:

Here’s the blurb for Pretty Packages:

Giada thought she was too good for Kentucky. Certainly too pretty to be with an average looking guy like him. On top of that, he didn't have the bankroll she required. And yet none of that seems to matter when the sparks fly between them. Soon this beauty queen is in heavy pursuit of the very guy that she shunned earlier. The guy that she suddenly realizes is actually too good for her.

Enjoy and thanks in advance for your input!


PS. Since Pretty Packages is currently under my Secular line, be forewarned about the love scenes. If it crosses over to the Inspirational line, the heat of those scenes will be reduced considerably.


Paula said...

WOW, I just finished reading this book. I loved it A LOT! I especially liked how Kentucky was a gentle and loving giant.

It is hard for me to say though because it can be both inspirational and secular.

But it is more on the Secular side.....

Thanks for the free Read.

PS. I read Side dishes last night and I absolutely loved it.

Keep doing your thing!

Suprina said...

Paula, first of all, you read FASSSSSTTTTT! Two books in two days?! You go, girl.

Secondly, you seem to be saying the same things other readers are saying via email. That Pretty Packages could fit under both lines, but that it is definitely more Secular.

As I was telling another reader, I may end up keeping it under the Secular line just to keep the high emotion/frustration/sexual tension that abounds whenever Giada and Kentucky are around each other. Pretty Packages may end up just be one of those Secular books with some Inspirational threads within.

Because if I take it fully Inspirational, I may end up diluting too much of the potent attraction between the main characters and make them too flat. Giada and Kentucky seem more real as they are now.


PS. Thanks for the encouragement.

Jrboss said...


The book was awesome.....Secular for sure. The sex scenes were to die for. You could literally feel the passion Giada and Kentucky had for each other. Sometimes I felt like I was in the room watching ;) that's how good of a description you gave. I would love for you to write more like this book - I was so into it that my husband wanted me to read some chapters to him and oh boy....That's just how good it was.

More please.....LOL

Suprina said...

JrBoss: Girl, I read your comments to MY hubby and he just laughed with me. Glad you used those marital tips in that book. That's what they are for.

As for being in the room watching, I didn't know how to feel about that comment. It seemed so Peeping Tom-ish. lol. But then I realized that any time we look at a movie or read a book we are in actuality watching those characters live their lives in front of us. So I'm okay with it now.

As for writing more books like Pretty Packages, I have a few more Secular books coming out soon. Two are already out:

1. more than a number
2. M.I.L.F.

Others are in the editing room:

1. Treachery among Diamonds (interracial)
2. Pretty Packages
3. Something Keeps Pulling Me Back
4. Sweet Lips & Dill Pickle (interracial)
5. Country Gal Gone Wild (will have a limited release because this may be the steamiest book I've written yet and I kinda only want married folks to have it. Don't know how I can control that though, so I'm taking my time with it).
6. Beach House Tryst (interracial)
7. One Heart, Two Loves (interracial sci-fi)

So stay tuned...Suprina got more coming your way in the Secular dept very soon.