Monday, July 21, 2008

Favorite Scene(s) - Pretty Packages

I don't know about y'all, but my favorite scene in Pretty Packages was that scene when they were on the porch at the end of the book. Giada had just found out Kentucky was alive and she was pouring her heart out and matching it with corresponding actions to convince him to give her another chance.

Every time I read that scene (which I'm doing during the current editing process), I tear up. I mean, I actually want to bawl, y'all. I wonder if other authors are like that with their books. Or if it's just me being all super sen-si-tive. lol.

By the way, new inserts in Pretty Packages will connect Kentucky with Millsap (Cami's love interest in her new story). I've made the men cousins. Fabian is also connected to someone in Cami's story (Miss Opportunity), but you'll have to wait until that book comes out to see who he's related to.

Updates on Miss Opportunity:

1. The bare bones of the story is written. It is awaiting fleshing out online LIVE!

2. It's longer than Aisha or Delia's stories.

3. It might even be better than their stories, but you'll have to judge for yourself in October.

4. It's grittier than its precedessors. Plus I had to do more reforming of both main characters. As y'all know, Cami is a major trip and Millsap got a hard heart about a few things. The fact that he can't stand gold-diggers made it extremely hard to hook those two up. But I found a way to do it. As a result, their whole relationships is explosive and downright gutter at times (lol. Keep in mind that this is one of my urban books, which includes colorful slang and all).

5. I almost turned Cami's book into a Secular book because of some of the sensitive topics I touch on, but decided to keep it in the Inspirational line. You'll see why in October. Hint: Some bonafide miraculous stuff happens in the story.

I think that's all about Cami's book for now. Stay tuned for more in October!

Back to Pretty Packages, I'm going to finish editing it, upload the finished book to and increase the price. So for those who want to read the story at the low-low, you need to do it by Friday, but the price will be higher once all the line edits are done.


PS. What's your favorite scene in Pretty Packages? Or any of my books?


Anonymous said...


gurl i'm still trying to wrap my head around reading a book about Cami and actually liking/rooting for her. Unlike most of your heroines i've never had a reason from the start to dislike them but Cami...
I met up with her again in prison since i'm taking my time reading Delia's story and the sista is mean and angry-just like i remembered her from Aisha's story. Millsap i met also in Delia's story and from him i can see how it's gonna be a challenge for you to hook these two up---especially how he hates gold-diggers and was crushin' on Delia, Cami's yeah what do ya' know?? i'm actually beginning to look forward to october. As for pretty packages SNAP! i missed that freebie but i'm going to buy what's on sale on lulu assuredly...

here's hoping to see the Professor out soon too!!

Jrboss said...


That was a great scene but I think I liked when he walked her home and she offered him some again. He got her all hot then left saying he had to go check on his mother and he'll be back and she's like, you're going to leave me like this to check on your mother, and she was pissed. That to me was the best scene because it showed that Kentucky was an upstanding man not wanting to disrespect his mother knowing she was waiting and he also let Glada know that she wasn't all that to him (even tho she was). I just thought that was great

Jrboss said...


? I don't think I've read Aisha's story. What's the title and can I get it on Lulu's?

Suprina said...

Sharon: Yes, Cami is so unlikable and I truly didn't want to write a story about her. But I felt compelled not to just end her story in prison. To show that God can redeem someone like Cami.

So when October hits, be ready because I have to remind everybody how trifling Cami was before I make her worthy of our affection. And believe me, it was hard, because I simply didn't like her. By the end of the book (Miss Opportunity) I think we all might love her...even just a little, I hope. lol.


P.S. As mentioned on the blog, Pretty Packages is currently being edited for release. Get the unedited version for the low-low while you can!

Suprina said...

Jrboss: Oooooo...that was another great scene. lol. Funny as all get out too. Giada thought she could wrap Kentucky around her little finger and he ended up rocking her world. I loved bringing her down a few notches and using him to help reform her.

As for Aisha's story, it's entitled Enticing Mr. Wrong. It was the first of my Mr/Mrs/Miss series. And yes, it is available through Everybody fell in love with the Enfield crew during that book. One day, I hope to make that series into a mini-series on TV like the ones they show on the Lifetime channel where I live or BET. *shrugging* Somebody's channel since these are characters that I think the whole world would enjoy seeing on the screen.