Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wedding Planner Shout-out

Lately I’ve learned the importance of tooting other people’s horns instead of my own. Of taking the focus off of myself and putting the spotlight onto others. How doing so is actually a fantastic form of giving.

So here’s another shout-out. This one is to a new wedding planner straight out of the Atlanta area. Her name is Toi Dodson and she is affiliated with Delicate Decisions, a company with extensive industry experience and contacts.

According to her website, Toi’s main goal is to:

“Give you the wedding you've always dreamed of. A wedding that reflects your unique personality and style. A wedding that you and your guests will delight in.”

Toi will discuss all your ideas at length, then design a plan with a variety of options for you to consider. When you give her the go-ahead, she'll make it all happen, keeping you updated regularly, of course. To add icing to this cake, her prices are very affordable.

So the next time someone you know is about to take the plunge into the sea of marital bliss, consider Toi. The link to her website is below:

PS. And did I tell you that this is my baby sister? *grinning proudly*

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