Thursday, March 20, 2008

The truth about/behind love scenes

Since we’re about to go into another love scene soon, I thought I’d pause the story and tell you a few things about love scenes. Things that I didn’t find out about until I crossed over from being just a reader to being a writer, too.

Since I tend to think sequentially, I’ve numbered the points below:

  1. Love scenes should advance the story, not be randomly placed in books. They have to have a purpose beyond trying to tantalize the reader.
  2. Love scenes should draw characters closer together and at the same time cause conflict when the hero/heroine suddenly can’t be together anymore for whatever reason.
  3. Love scenes should reflect a person’s true character since most people (there are some exceptions) tend to act the same way in the bedroom that they do outside the bedroom. For instance, a selfish man who expects his woman to cook for him EVERY day even though she’s working a full-time job the same as him, will be just as selfish in the bedroom. In fact, more times than not, that same man will expect that woman to carry most of the burden in the bedroom, too, expecting her to please him more than he pleases her.

In Royal case, he is just as thorough in the bedroom as he is in other areas of his life (particularly his medical practice). And look how accommodating he is to the women in his life (mother, female friend, patients), which translates into him being an accommodating lover.

In Delia’s case, she has always been one to let the man lead the way, to set the terms of the relationship. Remember the agreement she had with E-Blade in the prequel? How she was willing to go along with him cheating because she couldn’t pleasure him anymore, even though she hated it? How her agreement of this eventually lead to him crossing blood boundaries and sleeping with her own cousin?

Through Royal and also the fact that she lost her other man, Delia is learning to be more aggressive in all areas of her life. She is learning to set her own terms in a relationship.

So from now on, whenever you guys read a love scene (mine or anyone else’s), look deeper for all the hidden messages contained therein. You’ll be able to tell the great writers (what I'm striving to be) from the not-so-great writers since great writers always leave story clues in every scene, including love scenes.

Hope this info was helpful to someone. Okay, getting off my nerdbox now and going back to editing the story. I want to post at least 2 more times before going to bed. At least that’s my goal.



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