Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reader Comments (Q/A)

Sharon, I was going to try to answer your questions in the comment situation, but since there was sooooooo many of them (lol), I’m going to answer them here in case other international readers have the same questions.


* * *

Sharon: nuh-uh....did that man just say what i thought he said???LOL!!!!!!! mr sausage biscuit...knows how to fill them up????????

Suprina: Yep. Some parts of that scene were also taken from real life experiences. Lol. For real.

Sharon: So those three ingredients really attract the wrong kind of attention? i understand the clothing but the cornrows and lack of male presence? interesting. i'm learning alot about how the black community in the US thinks/lives/ reacts as i read and i have some questions so please bear with me.

Suprina: I don’t mind bearing with you. I love learning about other cultures as well. By the way, where exactly are you hailing from? And no, those three ingredients (certain hairstyles, urbanwear, child present and no man in sight) don’t necessarily attract the wrong kind of attention separately, but together and in certain neighborhoods, they do tend to work against a sista.

Sharon: What does urban mean?

Suprina: Depending on which part of the US you’re in it can mean different things. Here’s what it means in my neck of the woods – inner-city, hood, ghetto, things associated with the hip-hop culture, the poor side of town.

Sharon: What does he mean by "hung low?"

Suprina: Well-endowed in his private area. Lol.

Sharon: What expression is "to step up?" to approach someone?

Suprina: You had it right. It means to approach someone with interest (good or bad).

Sharon: How about "shawty"?

Suprina: Shawty is a knockoff word from ‘Shorty’ and ironically has nothing to do with a person’s height. It started out as an endearment between a man and the woman he was dating. Sort of like Boo, Sweetie, Honey, Baby, Sugar. Now men (at least where I’m from) use it to try to get women.

Sharon: Lastly "to hook up"

Suprina: To hook up can mean different things depending on the context. In Mr. Sausage Biscuit’s case, it means to ‘have sex with a woman so good that she gets hooked on him or at least gets relieved from sexual frustration’. In a way, he was trying to promise Delia a good time in the bedroom.



Anonymous said...

just wanted to voice ma'ppreciation to you Suprina for taking the time to fill me in on what's the new "language" being used, a gurl gotta stay on top rite? it was quite entertaining...

i was out of office since friday SICK!!! toothache and it's only now that i'm catching up so expect to receive a BUNCH of comments from me as i read all the old posts! have to get up to date. i also like when you git on dat nerdbox of your's it's informative to me!! i'll be looking deeper whenever i come across a love scene from hereon so watch out!!!! smiles...


Suprina said...

Sharon: You're welcome. Sorry you were sick with a toothache. I really hate those. I'd rather have a baby than have a toothache. At least with a baby you know the pain is going to eventually end. With a toothache, you never know when it will end and it hurts constantly.

Yes, I'm a closet nerd and so I will collect and distribute facts on almost any topic.

Yes, pay close attention to love scenes in books, not just mine. They reveal deeper sides of the characters and the story.