Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 8.2

I must be lonelier than I thought, Delia mused as she drove home from work a week later. It was 7pm on a Saturday evening. Her store had closed an hour ago and Delia was in dire need of a cold shower.

She’d had hot flashes all day at work. Not the menopause kind, either. The I-need-a-man kind of hot flashes.

Delia headed for a cold shower as soon as she crossed the threshold of her home. She waved hello to her mother and kids in passing, promising to be right back after a trip to the bathroom.

Delia’s witty oldest son, Esteban Jr., immediately started singing the Pepto-Bismol commercial, assuming that his mother had an upset stomach and needed the pink stuff. Cuba, her musical middle child, joined in the fun by using the den coffee table as a drum accompaniment. Tess, the toddler, simply danced and clapped her hands to the beat. Valena burst out laughing.

“Whatever.” Delia chuckled and hurried on her way. Only she knew that she had a fire to put out. A wild fire that threatened to burn a hole through her pants if she didn’t extinguish it quickly with lots of water. Cold water.

When Delia finally had her equilibrium back, she returned to her family and gave her mother a much needed break. Valena had been with the kids all day since it was the weekend, thus she deserved a break.

Delia was grateful for the distraction of her children tonight. She seldom thought about any man when she was with them. On the rare occasion that she did think of a man around her kids, it was usually thoughts of her old man – Esteban ‘E-Blade’ Jackwood Sr.

Unfortunately for Delia, she would not be able to hide behind her kids tonight. Thoughts of Royal kept invading her mind all during dinner, bath time and even the kids’ bedtime story hour. Though Delia kept banishing them away, they kept coming right back. Each stubborn thought was more sensual than the last.

By the time Delia finally put herself to bed, her body was on fire again. Raging hormones plus active imagination equals no sleep.


And she’d had a long day at work, too. Needed sleep like plants needed water.

Maybe another cold shower will help, Delia mused, getting up from her bed in search of her own water source.

Relief came quickly as she stood under the brisk spray a few minutes later. Delia sighed and closed her eyes as the cold water obliterated the heat out of her body.

Bad move.

The second Delia’s eyelids shuttered closed, vivid images of Royal danced in her head. She saw those pink lips of his lingering over hers. His large hands slowly moving down her body. Not in a professional way, either, but in the way that a man touched a woman. His woman.

The temperature in Delia’s body spiked, making the cold water hitting her body of little effect now. She sighed again, this time in exasperation.

Delia’s eyes snapped open. “That’s it!” she grumbled in frustration. “I’m gonna do something about this tonight,” she decided, needing a man in the worst way.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Kim said...

Lol... i found this chapter so funny... the poor woman;)

Suprina said...

Kim: Lol. Now you got me laughing about it. Poor Delia. I really got to hook her up good...soon.