Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 8.1

Nine Months Later - November

Delia did not return to Royal for her yearly checkup. Wanting no repeats of last year’s exam, she sought and found a female doctor this time. Her new doctor’s name was Layla Pacard.

Though Dr. Pacard was skilled and extremely professional, Delia found herself actually missing Dr. Seeger. Toe-curling orgasms aside, Delia missed the easy banter she and Royal had. She also missed his warm hands.

With Dr. Pacard, there was very little conversation and the woman’s hands were icy cold. Arctic!

So ready for the examination to end, when Delia was told that she still had a clean bill of health, she dressed in record time and headed home. Although she was likely to keep Dr. Pacard as her OB/GYN since she’d come so highly recommended by Charlize, all future appointments would be in the summer time.

Besides her doctors, other things have changed in Delia’s life over the last year. First of all, not only was Baby-This-and-That a hit from the first day of business, it had done the unexpected – turned a sizable profit in the first year. Delia didn’t expect to be out of the red until at least year three. She wisely put a portion of that profit aside just in case things went the other way business wise.

The second thing that changed in Delia’s life is her household size. Instead of four children to look after, there were now only three thanks to Cami’s interference. That’s right. Little Man was now in his grandfather’s custody up in Seattle, Washington.

From prison, Cami begged the courts to transfer guardianship to her father now that Frank was feeling better. Her argument was that she feared for Little Man’s life in the household of a woman who’d been charged with involuntary manslaughter. A woman who might take revenge out on her son since Cami was partly responsible for Delia’s fit of rage that fateful night.

Not even Bonz with all of his connections could help Delia keep Little Man this time. It was a sad day when that child was uprooted and shipped clear across the country all alone like somebody’s luggage. They wouldn’t even let Delia go to the airport to see him off.

Cami only did that to be spiteful, Delia mused, knowing the real truth behind her cousin’s campaign to have Little Man removed from her home. She knew I would never hurt that boy.

To know that Cami and the courts had ignored all the progress Little Man made in her care had left a sour taste in Delia’s mouth, created even more bad blood between the cousins. Before Little Man left Delia’s home, he had become well-behaved and had been consistently on the honor roll in school. In fact, because of Delia, the child was no longer behaving like the Hindu meaning of his first name Mani (serpent).

Pushing all bad thoughts aside, Delia allowed her mind to return to happier things. Things like her successful business and the wonderful children that remained in her care. Her smile soon returned.

Although Delia was glad to have any kind of happiness in her life, especially since she deemed herself unworthy of such joy after what she’d done to E-Blade, sometimes when she was in bed alone at night, she craved even more happiness.

Truthfully, Delia craved pleasure in those night hours. Sensual pleasure. Pleasure from a man with olive skin, raven hair, gray-blue eyes, full pink lips, dimples, and a goatee.

Delia gasped, suddenly realizing who she’d been thinking about just then.




E-Blade might have had dark hair and a Hispanic background like Royal, but that’s where the similarities ended. The color of E-Blade’s eyes had been among the brown hues, his complexion mocha, his cheeks were dimple-free, and he had never sported a goatee. Ever.

This wasn’t the first time Delia caught herself thinking about Royal. The same scenario had occurred repeatedly over the last year. She was starting to even dream about the man. Each dream featured a new way Royal could bring her to culmination.

Unfortunately, this only added to Delia’s long list of guilt. In her mind she wasn’t supposed to be thinking about other men. Not almost two years after E-Blade’s passing. Not twenty years after.

Although the courts had set Delia free, she’d sentenced herself to be alone for the rest of her life. It’s what I deserve, she mused, banishing all thoughts of Royal away…for now since she had no control over her dreams.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

To all: Going to bed now. Hopefully this was enough to hold you 'til I get back. Got a lot of homework to finish this weekend, so the posts might be even later than usual.

Here's a spoiler for you in the meantime: Delia is about to run right into Royal.

Tee-hee. (inside joke)

Be blessed, y'all!


Subrina said...

Lawd have mercy you had to send her to Layla...You sure know how to make a storyline a nail biter and I love it...It's gonna be ugly when Layla finds out the man she's lusting after is lusting after her very own patient Delia..I can't wait to see how often Layla turns into Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde...rofl

Suprina said...

Subrina: Yelp to everything you just said (Now how country-sounding is that? My Georgia roots are showing. lol).


A definite love triangle is forming. The funny part is, none of them even know it's a triangle yet.

Royal doesn't know who Delia's new doctor is. Nor does he know about Layla's feelings for him.

Delia doesn't know about the friendship between the doctors, or if Royal even wants her like she wants him.

And Layla is totally clueless. All she knows is that she just got a new patient who used to be a patient of one of her friends. She don't know what happened between Royal and Delia in that examine room. Nobody does outside of the two of them.