Friday, March 14, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 6.3

Royal got the paternity test results back within five days. He should have known that he wasn’t the father by how reluctant Vanna was to even have the test done. She could barely look at him the whole time. It was no surprise when she outright refused to meet again to discuss the results.

Needing some closure, Royal called Vanna at home later that night. “Just tell me this, Vanna. Did you honestly not know who the father was? Or did you deliberately pick me out of a lineup?” he asked, not ignorant to the fact that she’d had other men in her life while dating him.

“Why wouldn’t I pick you, Royal?” Vanna replied, answering his questions with questions. “Why wouldn’t any woman pick a financially stable man, who is willing to step up to the plate, over a man who barely owns a paper plate?”

“So it was all about the money, huh?”

“Yep. A child has to eat. Mama does, too, and you know I love filet mignon.” Vanna chuckled, displaying no remorse at her deception.

Royal frowned, though he was not surprised in the least by her comments. Although sexually impulsive, Vanna was just as impulsive in other areas of her life. She was an impulsive shopper and an impulsive employee, switching jobs every six months in search of more money.

Royal ended the call soon after that. Though he wished Vanna well, he made sure to let her know that he would not be calling her again under any circumstances. Nor did he ever want to hear from her again. In short, their relationship was over.

With that drama behind him, Royal’s thoughts turned back to Delia. Since things were still too complicated between them to pursue her right now, he decided to act on something he’d thought of during a review of her medical file. Something that he should have acted upon months ago.

Pulling out his wallet, Royal sorted through an array of gold and platinum credit cards until he found the exclusive black card that he was looking for. Reaching for the phone again, he made travel plans to go to Enfield, Georgia. Not to see his cousins just yet, but to see a certain doctor.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

Author note: I wouldn’t be Suprina if I didn’t use this post for a teachable moment. Like to hear it, here it goes…

To the fellas: You no longer have to wait nine months to find out if a woman is carrying your child or not. According to the website below, you can know within the first five weeks. It might cost you a stack, but the peace of mind is worth the steep price.

To the ladies: Stop the madness! If you just don’t know who the child’s father is, just say so. Honesty is always the best way to go in situations like these. And please stop trying to pin the baby on one man just because he might be more financially stable than another man. I’m the product of questionable paternity and speaking on the children’s behalf, we still love you, Mom, but we DO NOT appreciate not knowing who our real fathers are.

Okay, off my soapbox now. lol. Enjoy the rest of the story.


Sylvia Hubbard said...

i bet if Royal could invest in something that could smack a woman over the phone he would.

Lawd, hap mercy. What is he gonna find out in Georgia.

Durnit. Get a subscription on your blog for so I can subscribe to it!

And good information on that last part. I know a lot of women who do that. A cousin did it and to this day I feel sick knowing that she did that to this guy.

Carmel Beauty said...

suprina this is getting good so tell me what is VOD since whenever I have to start paying for this story I want to be ready. Good post's.

Carmel Beauty said...

Good post!

Jrboss said...

Great story...I'm a fan of Sylvia Hubbard and while on her website, I saw the shout-out she gave you and I was greatly appreciative. Your story is awesome. I'm so caught-up. And thanks for the visual of the characters that was great. So look for me and my comments as regularly as you post and thanks again for something to look forward to.

Suprina said...

Sylvia: Lol. A lot of men might want to make that investment. I mean, that's just wrong to try to push a child off on a man simply because he got more cheese than the real papa.

You'll have to see what happens in GA. But I think we all know that it concerns Delia. lol

I may need your help on that subscription thing. I thought the Atom was working fine until now. Guess not. What do you suggest? I want to make it easy for people to stay updated on the blog. Help a sista out!

As for your cousin, all I can do is shake my head. My mother took the name of my real father to her grave and because she was hot-in-the-tail in her younger years, nobody in the family can recall who my real daddy is. Sad, but true, girl. Mama was a rolling stone back then. lol.

Suprina said...

Carmel Beauty: Hey, girl! I remember you from Sylvia's blog (good looking at Cliffhanger Queen). Welcome Abroad!

As for the VOD, think of it as a literary form of Cable's PPV and In-Demand services. Simply point my VOD (View-on-Demand) is a private blog with an attached one-time access fee of $4.00, which enables readers to go in and out of the blog at will for the duration of the story. At the end of the story you get a complimentary E-Book of it.

Readers can pay for access to the VOD now or later when the story switches over.

Hope that answered your question.

Again, welcome abroad!


Suprina said...

Jr. Boss: I remember seeing your name on Sylvia's blog, too. Welcome abroad, lady!

I'm glad you're enjoying the story. And thanks so much for bringing that all that positive energy over to my house.