Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 6.1


After dreaming about Delia every night for the last three months straight, Royal realized that these developing feelings just weren’t going to leave him alone. In fact, they screamed to be explored. They were even starting to interfere with his sex life and Royal could not have that.

Starting from the night he used Vanna as a substitute up until now, Royal’s sex life just hadn’t been the same. He saw Delia’s head on every woman he made love to. Every caress was meant for her. Every stroke. The long ones, the short ones, and especially the ones he put his whole back into. They all had Delia’s name on them. Royal even caught himself about to whisper her name in ecstasy a few times.

But how was he going to step to her? How should he step to her? How could he?

Delia was still listed as one of his patients, which was a sticky situation in and of itself. Plus, he couldn’t go back on his promise to Charlize. On top of that, Royal still had some reservations about pursuing a woman who’d literally killed a man, accidental or otherwise.

What man actually wanted to pursue a woman with that kind of emotional baggage?


He’d always been different from the pack in every area of his life. In his medical career he was known for being quick to take on the hard cases. The ones that no one else wanted anything to do with. That kind of courage and drive had paid off well for him professionally. Would it pay off just as well on a personal level?

Royal looked down longingly at the leather handrest of his white Mercedes sedan. His fingers itched to access the telephone keypad within and call Delia right now. It wasn’t like he had anything else important to do. Having just gotten off work, he was now waiting in the long drive-through line of a local fast-food restaurant.

“Let’s see, I think her number was 386…” Royal suddenly snapped his mouth shut. It didn’t dawn on him until that very moment that he’d been about to make a major stalker move.

Delia had never personally given him her home phone number. No, Royal had obtained that data months ago when he was studying her file. The fact that he’d memorized her number at all reeked of stalkerism.

“This is ridiculous!” Royal shook his head at himself.

Was he losing his mind? He was already starting to talk to himself. Would he now answer? More importantly, was Royal really willing to put his career at risk for trying to date a patient?

What was it about PMS (power, money, and sex) that tripped up even the smartest man? Kings, presidents, governors and even preachers, they’d all fallen from grace due to the same kinds of enticements. When would it end? Was any man strong enough to stand against such potent temptation?

Just then, Royal’s cell phone rang, jarring him back to reality. When he answered that call, he soon got the most unexpected, the most shocking news of his life – Vanna was pregnant!

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Subrina said...

OMG!...No you didn't have Vanna come up pregnant..You mean to tell me that the intelligent doctor wasn't practicing safe sex???? Now I'm wondering if it's his and if so is he gonna be a father or ask her to abort it.

Suprina said...

Subrina: Yes, I did, girl. Vanna is p-r-e-g-n-a-n-t. As for if the Doc was practicing safe sex, don't be so quick to assume. Everything ain't what it appears to be (spoiler).

Okay, going back to writing and editing now before I give too much away. I'm trying to put up at least 2 more post before I call it a night.

Toodles! (Every time I say this word I think of Regine from Living Single. lol)


Sylvia Hubbard said...

sEE i CAME bacK! LOL.

I'm not So buSy after AlL.

interesting twist. cAn't waIt to sEe wheRe this iS goiNg.

Suprina said...

Sylvia: Glad to see you back. Thanks again for bringing so many friends with ya. The whole thing was very unexpected. Much love on that, girl.