Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 5.3

On his way home from work, Royal received a call from his mother. Carmen wanted him to take her to church that evening since his stepfather had not yet made it back in town from a business trip.

Though Carmen owned a driver’s license, she did not drive. Or rather wouldn’t drive. Carmen had not driven a car since she and her first husband (Royal’s biological father) were in a bad car accident. The same car accident that took Rafael Seeger’s life.

Since Royal understood his mother’s reservations about getting back behind the wheel of a car, he always consented to take her wherever she needed to go. Tonight would be no different.

Only thing was, Royal really wasn’t up to playing the part of a good Christian tonight. Did he have something against Christians? God?

No. Royal’s mother was a Christian and he both honored and adored her, despite her controlling ways. Moreover, he was once a committed Christian himself having accepted Christ at the tender age of eight.

Unfortunately, when Royal entered the college realm, he started to become distant from God. Not overnight, but little by little, the same gradual way that most people backslid.

Though Royal still loved God in his own special way, after practically having his whole future planned for him by his mother, he decided that he wanted to control his own life for a change. He didn’t think he could do that with a God that required a certain level of submission on a daily basis, willing submission at that.

Sadly, Royal still didn’t have the heart to tell his mother about the decision he made back in college. He didn’t want to disappoint her. Not after Carmen had worked so hard to raise him and give him the best things in life. She even worked two jobs at times in order to pay for the private schools that would help cultivate his genius IQ.

Fortunately, Carmen’s parenting load eventually lightened when she married a brilliant mathematician that was both financially and spiritually stable. Duane Flynn was the best stepfather any young man could have. He was also a deacon in the church, seldom missing a Sunday despite his oftentimes hectic lecturing schedule.

Since Royal’s problem wasn’t with Christians or God, it was obviously with himself. More specifically, it was with his libido.

That encounter with Delia had made Royal hornier than a herd of Billy goats. He was in dire need of a woman tonight. In the most sensual of ways.

Since Royal couldn’t have the woman he really wanted, he would have to make do with one of his standbys. Let’s see. Who will it be tonight? he mused, still holding the cell phone though he’d hung up with his mother five minutes ago.

“Vanna Briscoe,” Royal said, stating the name of a woman that was always up for a quickie anytime he called. Then after making sure the phone had a dial tone, he punched in the numbers to the woman of the hour.

Vanna didn’t know it yet, but she was about to have her world tilted on its axis by Royal. She also wouldn’t know that she had a woman named Delia Valentine to thank for it.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Subrina said...

These booty call women just don't know that most of the time there subsitutes because the man can't have who he really wants...It make me sick how this generation have sex like it's there next breath without worrying about the consequences...Vanna needs to see herself in a different light and demand respect and she'll be surprise at the outcome.

Sylvia Hubbard said...

also, how do you know when you're posting so I can come back. I can't subscribe through Atom posts.

Jessie said...

Call women, that is just wrong. Royal, you need to learn that you need to learn to wait for what you want. He really needs to let Delia know about these feelings soon before anything bad happens again.

Suprina said...

Subrina: Unfortunately, some women just don't give a flip about morals. They think it's okay to be some man's booty call. Even sadder is the fact that a majority of those women think that's all they can be to those men, not realizing that that's all they ever will be if they don't wise up.

Sylvia: I just tested the Atom subscription and it worked fine. Which feed are you choosing? Live Bookmarks? Maybe it will work if you try a different one. Let me know if you still have problems.

Is anybody else having problems with the Atom subscription?

Jessie: You ain't never lied, girl. But really how often to people choose to WAIT for what they want? lol. I struggle with the same thing sometimes and that's no lie.



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